Mar 22nd, 2014

Google Glass Layar 1

When Google first introduced Android Wear early last week — their all new version of Android custom built for wearable devices — our first thought was, “What was to become of Google Glass?” For those unaware, Google Glass runs an OS different from Android Wear, based on Ice Cream Sandwich and utilizing a custom Android launcher.

But today, a new application from the folks at Layar are reminding us of, not only Google Glass’s true potential, but how the wearable differentiates itself from the plethora of smartwatches set to launch this year. Two words: augmented reality.

Layar, who you might remember from the early days of Android, is back again, this time with a new augmented reality app for Google Glass. The app, which adds an AR layer to the Google Glass, is capable of displaying everything scanning magazines for to display video ads, to the location of apartment listings or other relevant information — all from Google Glass.

Google Glass Layar movie poster AR

Operation is fairly simple. Once the app is installed (via sideloading), the user speaks the command, “Okay Glass, scan this,” and Glass will begin scanning images in the real world. Once a print ad or poster is recognized, Layar will begin displaying relevant information — everything from videos to slideshows.

When it comes to displaying AR things like apartment listings, Layar’s “Geo Layers” shows the user real-time information when looking at points of interest. It’s rather intuitive and for now, is only the beginning. A video demo of the app can be found via the YouTube video below.

Because this is a full fledged Google Glass application, and not using the standard Mirror API like official apps, it will need to be sideloaded onto Glass. Layar was kind enough to provide, not only a download link, but full instructions on installing via the links below. Enjoy.

Download Layar for Google Glass here.

Learn how to install (sideload) Layar on Google Glass here.