Where to watch the HTC One 2014 launch event, countdown to live stream begins!


HTC One 2014 countdown live stream

Now that HTC has officially started the countdown to their March 25th HTC One 2014 event — we are officially in hype mode. Because not everyone can attend the press event, HTC will be live streaming the entire show online so that anyone, from any part of the world, can watch the entire launch event from home (or office).

As mentioned in previous posts, there really isn’t too much about the device we don’t already know. Of course, we’ll be on hand for the event bringing you our own hands-on, showing off the new features in Sense 6.0, how well the device’s Duo Cameras perform, and any other surprises HTC is still keeping up their sleeve. Stay tuned!

[HTC One 2014 live stream]

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  1. I’m pretty excited to see what’s up with the dual cameras, how the camera performs, etc….

    Honestly I would have hopped on board with the original HTC One if it weren’t for the weird software emulated ultrapixel camera job they did there. From what I heard, the S4 was just a better overall camera and I would have been happier had they just cranked up the megapixels, but I guess I’m just a spec-junkie :-

    1. I’m with you on the optics. Better to rely on the hardware side of optics than the software. They both work in tandem but you know what I mean. If the HTC One had arrived arrived with the better camera and expandable storage it would have been the easiest purchasing decision for me personally.

      Although now I’m growing increasingly dependent on using a stylus like on my Note 3 :/ An HTC device along the lines of the One with expandable storage AND a built-in stylus? *passes out*

  2. Pass. Sony Z2 please

  3. All I hear keep hearing about is the camera! If there “not too much…we don’t know” then how about some real info about the battery, wifi and other radios, etc. — you know, the stuff that matters between taking instagram pictures. Jeez, if I could get a version with NO camera and save $50 I’d probably do it.

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