HTC One (2014) Chinese certification confirms 16MP / 4MP Duo Cameras


HTC One 2014 TENAA

There really aren’t too many surprises left for HTC to reveal about the all new HTC One (2014) when it’s unveiled during their next Tuesday. One feature were were still left in the dark on was the phone’s dual-camera array (also known as Duo Cameras). We know there are 2 cameras. We know what they’ll most likely be used for (one high resolution and the other for low-light, as well as post image focusing). What we didn’t know were the MP the cameras would be capable of shooting. But, as so often is the story with the HTC One (2014), some new info has leaked revealing even that.

HTC One 2014 TENN

After recently passing through TENAA (China’s device certification website) the HTC One (2014) was not only pictured, but many of the device’s specs were listed off — including its elusive camera resolution. According to TENAA, we can expect the HTC One (2014) to come equipped with both 16MP and 4MP cameras. That 16MP camera should address complaints with the original’s low-resolution shooter, while the 4MP will likely feature HTC’s UltraPixel technology for better shooting in low light. It’s the best of both worlds.

But there are still those leery about this leak, wondering if 16MP could be referencing two combined 4MP images (like the 50MP images taken with the Oppo Find 7’s 13MP camera), resulting in a 4MP image.

[TENAA | via PocketNow]

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  1. Interesting.

  2. I hope it’s true. I’m planning to get the new One unless LG gets their G3 to market soon.

  3. They really don’t want you to ever forget that that HTC you bought………..is an HTC.

    If Satan exists, his corporeal form is that of a planet-sucking galactic bezel of apocalyptic proportions.

    1. Can you please help me understand people’s problem with the bezel. It has to have a bigger bezel to but TWO speakers on the front so that there is actual sound. I would much rather have a big bezel and put good stereo speakers on the front so I can actually hear things without setting my screen down on things.

      I think other companies should do this. The rear speaker on my GS4 sucks and might as well not exist when it is laying screen up.

      1. The problem isn’t the speakers, I LIKE the htc one speakers. The problem is the ridiculous bottom part of the phone.

        Not only does it look like there are 3 bezels on it, but because of HTC’s pathological need to have that silly logo bar, it means the entire screen is off-centre on the front of the handset. (I.e. it’s not centred on the front face and the phone is far bigger than it needs to be.

        It just looks awful.

        1. Damn I am so tried of people crying about the bezel. People who don’t understand engineer should just stop talking.

          1. Did you mean………ENGINEERING?

            Most other phone companies seem to understand it just fine.
            Looks like it’s mainly HTC.

          2. If the phone is the same size as before and no one had a problem with the size from before, why change it?

            I mean, that could be their motive.

          3. To paraphrase the late steve jobs (and I’m no apple fanboy so no flaming please): People don’t know what they want….you have to show it to them.

            I think the whole point with science/tech is that it’s constantly raising the bar. What was acceptable then does not mean it should be now. Otherwise there’s no point in companies bringing out new models….they could just keep on manufacturing the same phone forever. Apple did well to stress the importance of fusing art with tech and other companies have done well in improving the minimalism and beauty of these products (Xperia z2 is my next I think…it’s beautiful).

            The new HTC ONE? It’s just underwhelming. Each to their own of course.

          4. The phone is actually bigger and thicker than before so please try again.

          5. You explain it to us then.

  4. I have been burned by software updates (lack thereof) from HTC, but this ONE looks impressive. May be going from my SGS3 to this instead of the S5. Is it wrong that my big draw is actual speakers you can hear without cupping your hand. Not to mention the camera(s), metal build, nice display, etc..hopefully decent battery life.
    Chris you liked the first ONE, right?!?!

    1. Lack? They’ve been the best when it comes to the latest version of android lately, putting it in the carriers hands long before anyone else, and being incredibly vocal about it for once.

      I think they’ve heard our complaints. This next one seems to have everything I like about the One, and fixes all my complaints.

      1. That’s what I want to hear. I had all but written them off after owning the Amaze 4G. It was a problematic phone!

        1. The Amaze was also a Tmobile exclusive and therefor one of many devcies HTC abandoned before they had a unified branding (the One).They’re in a much better place now with one device for all the carriers instead of the diluted mess they used to be.

          1. That’s what I am hoping for, as I really like the One and this new rev of the One. Another holdup was going to be that I wanted a Gear 2, BUT thanks to Motorola I am gonna pass on that and go 360. Looks like I may be going away from Samsung.

    2. If its better than the One, which everything points towards it, I would get this in a heartbeat. The original One is amazing. I am still using it as my daily driver and I own the S4 and G2 but something about this feel and the speakers and the smoothness of the software I just absolutely love of TW and LG skins. You will not be disappointed HTC has finally heard our cries. SD Card support is HUGE!

    1. Why are there no signs of on screen home/back/multitask buttons?

      1. Its running on an original HTC Uno

  5. I am sold. Please let this be true and not a 4×4=16 solution!

  6. i love you HTC i’m buying two

  7. How does this work? Last time I checked, two 4 MP cameras meant a total of 8 MP resolution.

    1. By taking 4 quick continuous shots and migrating them into one picture. That’s what the OPPO Find 7 with 50MP does.

      1. “By taking 10 quick continuous shots and migrating 4 into one picture. That’s what the OPPO Find 7 with 50MP does.”


    2. The cameras are 4mp(ultrapixels) and 16mp. They use the images from both cameras to enhance depth and clarity. Also, post picture editing.

  8. looks nice but still have some ways to go b4 i buy from them again.

  9. My mother in-law works for T-Mobile and she said last week testers were showing off this device in the office and everybody was loving it. She said T-Mobile will have it in stock ready to roll on 3/25

    1. I hope that’st true. I just got paid today. =.P

    2. Wow it sounds like HTC will get a jump on the s5 despite the late announcement

  10. Looks amazing. My only complaint (and as I see everyone’s others) is about the bottom space between the screen and a speaker with HTC logo. I think it would be most clever from HTC, if they just put capacitive buttons there (like on the One 2013) and left us users choose whether we want to use these or on-screen in which case the capacitive would just turn off. That would be freaking cool.

    And I’m really glad that HTC finally set smaller bezels at sides than Samsung did with S5 ^^

    1. Yeah there’s a lot to like about this, and I just may buy it. But the bezels are one area I’m not so happy. I’ll be upgrading from the DNA, also HTC, also 5″ screen. And yet the new One is the same width as the DNA (actually 0.1mm wider). Admittedly the DNA has decently slim side bezels already, but you’d think in the 16 months since it launched HTC could have improved on it even slightly! I was hoping for one or two mm slimmer width. Too bad. Otherwise, just about everything looks good about this.

      1. Yeah, they still gotta pack those awesome features into that alu body with decent battery life… This will be arguably the best phone on the market right now, and once there is a better phone with 5″ screen (or bigger) and lesser width, I will want more from HTC. Now, I just think they did the best they could and this phone will be an amazing success.

  11. buyHTC ! ` support HTC !!

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