Mar 19th, 2014

HTC One 2014 TENAA

There really aren’t too many surprises left for HTC to reveal about the all new HTC One (2014) when it’s unveiled during their next Tuesday. One feature were were still left in the dark on was the phone’s dual-camera array (also known as Duo Cameras). We know there are 2 cameras. We know what they’ll most likely be used for (one high resolution and the other for low-light, as well as post image focusing). What we didn’t know were the MP the cameras would be capable of shooting. But, as so often is the story with the HTC One (2014), some new info has leaked revealing even that.

HTC One 2014 TENN

After recently passing through TENAA (China’s device certification website) the HTC One (2014) was not only pictured, but many of the device’s specs were listed off — including its elusive camera resolution. According to TENAA, we can expect the HTC One (2014) to come equipped with both 16MP and 4MP cameras. That 16MP camera should address complaints with the original’s low-resolution shooter, while the 4MP will likely feature HTC’s UltraPixel technology for better shooting in low light. It’s the best of both worlds.

But there are still those leery about this leak, wondering if 16MP could be referencing two combined 4MP images (like the 50MP images taken with the Oppo Find 7’s 13MP camera), resulting in a 4MP image.

[TENAA | via PocketNow]

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