HTC One 2014 goes head-to-head against other popular Androids in size comparison


HTC One 2014 side by side comparison 1

We’re T-minus 6 days away from the official unveiling of the all new HTC One (2014). If you thought we may have seen the last of the device — which has been getting a lot of airplay these past few weeks as the subject of numerous leaks — you’d be wrong.

Today, the folks at Nowhereelse are giving us yet another good look at the HTC One (2014), as it’s compared side-by-side to other popular Androids. A great way of getting a feel for a device’s size, devices that made the line up include the Apple iPhone 5s, Samsung Galaxy S4, LG G2, and the Sony Xperia Z1. While the HTC One (2014) pictured in this latest leak is a dummy unit (as are the rest of the dummy units, most likely), it’s essentially identical to what we’ll see when the device launches on US shores.


The phone, which has the same sized 5-inch display as the white Galaxy S4, appears to be around the same height and thickness as the 5.2-inch LG G2. When comparing the HTC One with the Galaxy Note 3, we noticed the One is drifting dangerously close to phablet territory, despite packing a much smaller display. Kind of a weird spot to be in, but one that we saw coming thanks to previous leaks.

After looking at this quick size comparison, have any of your opinions changed on the HTC One (2014)?

[via Nowhereelse]

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  1. looks like it will fit nice in the hands considering the narrowness. however, reach across the screen will be a pain.

  2. No, still not getting it. Nor literally, nor figuratively speaking. I mean, what are HTC thinking with that size of a phone for that size display?! Not to mention the bezels…

    1. you could also say the same about sony phones with their added bulk of extra bezel

      1. You could, actually. HTC isn’t the only one who’s doing a design like this.

        1. That’s why I also don’t and will not own a Sony phone. Not as long as they don’t do something about their bezels too. For now it seems like the OnePlus is the One for me. Pun intended. : D

    2. I would only think the bezel is needed for the size to put boom sound in there. Remember, this version should have better boom sound with deeper bass…

      1. Aaaand the boomsound and other sound upgrades mean nothing to a huge amount of us.

        1. Just as the bezels mean jack-**** to a huge amount of others! God, people whine over the strangest things.

        2. I agree, HTC bet on Beats and no one really cared. Just because it has “boomsound” and OBVIOUS front facing speakers doesn’t mean a lot either. Just look at the sales.

    3. The speakers are important. Together with Sense, they give HTC One line a lead over the competition (which has higher specs) which cannot be surpassed. The One’s software and hardware works beautifully, and its sense of harmony is missing with S4 and G2. That said, Z2 has the speakers AND narrower bezels. Not to mention equally attractvie design. Hmm….

  3. Who ever don’t think that brushed metal look is sexy, has lost there brain. I’ll be getting the gun metal version soon as I can

    1. It looks great but if you drop it, it gets visibly scuffed and has sharp jagged edges.

      1. Dude tell that to someone who doesn’t own the original One, I’m not worried

  4. The camera specs leaked today too. Gonna get this badboy on Tmobile as soon as its released.

    I can handle the size

    1. got link?

      1. sure do


        4Ultra Pixel and 16MP shooters on the back
        another place says the FFC will be UP as well

        1. can you say…. Ultra Selfies? :D

    2. LOLLLLL u win on the internetz today

  5. Moto X = the perfect size phone.

    1. i have to agree. i wish there were more phones in the moto x form factor that’s mid to high end.

      1. Erm…Nexus 4. HTC One (2013). A host of Xperias. Trouble is, whether we like it or not, consumers expect a bigger display

        1. I have the HTC one 2013 and quite a bit bigger than the Moto x. Both phones being 4.7″, the in hand feel is night and day and I wish the one had the Moto x form factor

  6. Can’t wait!! Is it March 25th yet?

  7. Even tho the screen will be 5″… I hope it won’t feel THAT much smaller than my G2… HTC has an annoying habit of making narrow displays thus making the screen size feel smaller than what it is.

    1. I like HTC’ s narrow screens it makes it easier for me to stretch my fingers across

  8. You can’t have your front facing speakers and eat them too.

    1. I know. I wish the black htc logo bar housed disappearing capacitive buttons, but like you said, you can’t have everything. Those BoomSound speakers have me seriously considering leaving Sammy (even with my hatred of onscreen buttons in their current form).

  9. I might have to upgrade from my old ONE to this ONE, lol. Gonna get on T-Mobiles Jump program so i can upgrade whenever i want.

  10. “When comparing the HTC One with the Galaxy Note 3, we noticed the One is drifting dangerously close to phablet territory, despite packing a much smaller display.” And that’s why these pics don’t show the screen.

  11. I think the only dummy unit there is the iPhone. Hey-O!

  12. People complain that looks don’t matter for their phones that’s why they don’t care about HTC and then they complain the bezels “look” horrible and that’s why they won’t get HTC… I don’t get you guys.

    1. Everyone has a different opinion, i am one of those people that likes smaller bezels, it just makes the phone look more uniform on the front. The HTC One has like 2 bezels, looks crowded. I prefer phones like the Nexus (3,4 and 5), Lg G2 and Note 3. Im not saying HTC makes bad devices, their devices are great and well built but in a market where every device is nearly identical in specs and the only differentiating factor is looks and and an extra feature it makes the choice a bit harder. I will buy an HTC device again (I used to own a Rezound for a couple months before switching to a Galaxy Nexus) when they minimize the bezel. I mean common their device is almost as tall as the Note 3 and that thing has a 5.7 inch display. Their not the only ones doing this, I mean Sony is taking bezels to a whole new level.

      1. No I get that, but that’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying the people who claim they do not care what so ever what a phone looks like are complaining that the bezels look too big. That simply doesn’t make sense, how can you have it both ways. Either looks play a part in your purchase or they don’t.

  13. Nothing to say right now just waiting for the right day
    to come that is 25th of March. Everything will get crystal cleared
    and everyone will get all the answers of every rumor like device have large
    display, support wireless charging etc. Only 5 days left!

  14. 16 mp camera/4mp.. sold no question no more. bye

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