Mar 19th, 2014

HTC One 2014 side by side comparison 1

We’re T-minus 6 days away from the official unveiling of the all new HTC One (2014). If you thought we may have seen the last of the device — which has been getting a lot of airplay these past few weeks as the subject of numerous leaks — you’d be wrong.

Today, the folks at Nowhereelse are giving us yet another good look at the HTC One (2014), as it’s compared side-by-side to other popular Androids. A great way of getting a feel for a device’s size, devices that made the line up include the Apple iPhone 5s, Samsung Galaxy S4, LG G2, and the Sony Xperia Z1. While the HTC One (2014) pictured in this latest leak is a dummy unit (as are the rest of the dummy units, most likely), it’s essentially identical to what we’ll see when the device launches on US shores.


The phone, which has the same sized 5-inch display as the white Galaxy S4, appears to be around the same height and thickness as the 5.2-inch LG G2. When comparing the HTC One with the Galaxy Note 3, we noticed the One is drifting dangerously close to phablet territory, despite packing a much smaller display. Kind of a weird spot to be in, but one that we saw coming thanks to previous leaks.

After looking at this quick size comparison, have any of your opinions changed on the HTC One (2014)?

[via Nowhereelse]

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