Mar 18th, 2014

Android Wear SDK coming soon

Now that we have a better idea of exactly how Android Wear will work, Google’s Android Developer team took the time out on their YouTube channel to show developers exactly how easy it is to get their apps “ready for the wrist” with Android Wear.

As part of their DevBytes series, the videos hosted by Android Wear engineer Justin Koh, highlights the lines of code developers will need to help their apps provide a “seamless, wrist optimized user experience for responding to notifications.” For developers wondering if this might be a complicated process, Koh notes if an app already utilizes notifications — it’s essentially Android Wear compatible. This is thanks to the new Android listener service that debuted back in Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

The videos also make mention of notification frequency, recommending that apps not bother the user by vibrating a smartwatch lest it be something really important that needs addressing. Interested developers (and curious Android fans) can find both videos below, or get started here. Enjoy.

Android Wear: Developer Preview

Android Wear: Receiving Voice Replies

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