Google Voice finally shutting its doors, will soon become one with Hangouts [RUMOR]


Hangouts v2 for Android SMS

The days of Google Voice as a stand alone app may finally soon come to an end. Ever since we first began hearing rumors of a “Google Hangouts” that looked to unify Google’s multiple messaging services, we knew Google Voice’s days were numbered. But, as we all saw, Hangouts launched and even though it eventually added SMS messages into the mix, Google Voice integration was still nowhere to be found.

Fast forward to today where the folks at 9to5Google now have it on good authority that this could finally be the year the Google Voice app finally get folded into Hangouts. No exact date was given, only that the change was “months out.” It’s still unclear what Google’s plans are for Voice, hopefully this rumor isn’t hinting at a completely closure of their service, just that they’ll be relocating.

Once Voice finally gets rolled into Hangouts, we’re expecting to finally have the ability to make both VoIP calls (just like on the desktop and iOS versions of the Hangouts app), as well as send SMS messages using our Google Voice number. Carriers willing, here’s to hoping Google can finally make it happen.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I can’t wait! Hopefully they add mms too. I can dream…

    1. IKR!? This is what wii really need.

    2. Wait, so how do Nexus 5 users get MMSes? Native like regular mms via carrier plans?

      1. I think you’re confusing the current Hangouts to Voice app. Hangouts being used for texting, as most Androids can use, allows for SMS and MMS. The Voice app only allows for SMS. I ‘think’ it allows MMS on T-Mobile numbers through forwarding to email and Sprint.

  2. Don’t get me wrong this is great but what about true SMS/instant message intergration with hangouts.

    1. Hopefully that rolls soon after the voice integration.

  3. back when i had limited texting…. google came to the rescue !! damn this takes me back

  4. I have my Google Voice number on all of my business cards… Can people who aren’t connected to “Hangouts” still call or text me? Or am I going to have to order new business cards?

    1. This is a sort of problem of mine as well. I have used GVoice since it came out but on an email I do not use except for Gvoice. I see this heading in a direction that I will need to get a new G number under my primary email.

      1. Why did you do that? That forces you to have multiple gmail/google accounts on your phone, and now you have to manually keep those contact lists in sync manually …

        1. One I have used for military and one I have used for business.

      2. you can always merge/port your # to a different gmail, but I don’t know if that helps solve your possible problem.

    2. I doubt you’d have an issue, since a lot of people ported numbers to google voice, if google shut down google voice completely, they’d leave a ridiculous amount of people’s phone numbers stranded. My guess is they are just combining the two apps.

    3. Calls to my Google Voice number ring in Hangouts now… is this not the case for you?

      1. That works, but many people prefer texting. I need to be able to send and receive texts with my Google Voice number. I haven’t been able to text anyone with the Hangouts app.

        1. Once you make a phone call to them, you are provided with what I call their “GV” number. Save it to their contact info, then you can text them from Hangouts.

        2. I’m sure this will be a non issue… or folks will be PISSED.

  5. As long as they don’t remove the voice (aka phone) features & configurability I’ll be fine with a merger. The texting interface is quite lacking as-is, but the long distance (international) rates are great. Cheaper than Skype (w/o a plan) and it integrates seamlessly.

    I doubt they’ll ditch the voice website anytime soon, but merging all the same-user threads with hangouts-like style would be a boon


    What will happen to my google voice chrome extension?? This is so sad

    1. It will be replaced by the Hangouts Chrome extension? That is, if they update it to include SMS.

  7. So, what about making regular calls from my phone through my Google Voice number? Please tell me they won’t get rid of that feature…..I just ported my number to GV.

  8. You can make phone calls from Hangouts now… I’ve been doing it for months.

    1. But you have to use the GV version of the number or it the call appears to come from your cell phone number and not your GV number.

  9. how about Google allows SMS to be sent via Wi-Fi…. that is the only thing stopping me from using hangouts as my daily messaging platform…as soon as I get home.. I use my NFC chip to get on WiFi. having to switch off just to shoot a quick text is bull crap..especially when I could do it via WiFi calling in my T-Mobile GS3….just saying…

    1. I’ve been doing that for years. Most recently, I was using a Nexus 7 (16GB) as my phone as an experiment in productivity and savings compared to my $110/mo Sprint plan, which worked out pretty well. I used Groove IP for phone calls and the regular google voice app for text messaging.

  10. google voice doors are always close for us (outside usa)

  11. I hope the Voice service doesn’t go away. I use my GV number for business and when I don’t want to give people my real number.

  12. Am I the only one who only used voice for voice mail?

    1. That is precisely what I use it for. And the only thing.

      Also.. Hangouts blows as an SMS app. Just sayin.

    2. I use it as my voice mail also and use my GV number for when I’m selling stuff on Craigslist.

    3. Your not the only one. I used it more to replace the carrier voice mail as I just want to hear a message and decide what to do than pressing numbers.

    4. Since the G1 days, I’ve not used anything else. For me, it’s the best VVM app & it’s free.

    5. are you kidding? I love google voicemail. I have my whole family setup on it with their phones also.

  13. That’s pretty good news. I use hangouts now, and it will be nice to use my Google # for the app.

  14. i hope they finally include MMS when they integrate GV into Hangouts. I use GV quite often since I am one of the few that doesnt have unlimited text.
    Also whats the new news here? Didn’t we kinda hear about this a couple months ago already?

  15. Those app developers who use Googles voice service in their apps have been given an end of life date of may 31. This rollout may be due on June

  16. What about free audio call using wifi only, something like viber ?

  17. I tried using GV integrated into the Hangouts app and didn’t like it and reverted back to having them separated out. I guess I have to get used to it again. :-/

  18. Might not be a good thing for me. I use GV as a business number to keep my conversations and phone number separate. If GV is integrated then my Hangouts would be cluttered with both personal and business conversations.
    I might have to get a new GV number using a different email. Then I could keep them separate in the tabs.
    Regular SMS apps should let you have separate tabs for different groups.

  19. I hope they ditch Google Talk on the desktop to in favor for hangouts.

  20. As long as they let me keep my GV number, and just roll it into hangouts, no issues. My GV number is my primary phone number, so I can keep my work phone separate from my personal life.

  21. Hangouts was not a good move; it’s a pain to use with multiple accounts and I prefer SMS be separate.

  22. Pretty misleading blog title. I doubt Google is getting rid of Google Voice (shutting it’s doors) , but rather possibly integrating it into hangouts ui; which would be a good thing. A very small component of google voice is the device UI. The real magic is what they are doing with voice and text switching in the network. If they do this they are really “Opening Google Voice doors”, not shutting them.

  23. Will they finally allow VOIP calls out instead of doing them all over POTS?

  24. i love it.

  25. There are still so many integration pains due to missing features when you try to use hangouts… Hope some big updates come first

  26. I swear to GOD, if I lose my GV number in the “merger” I’m going to be pissed

  27. I’m still pissed that Google Hangouts forced me to see google+profile names instead of names I assign in my contacts. If this move happens without that functionality I’m leaving google behind. I can’t put up with profile changes manipulating how i see contacts. I’m still running gtalk on my phone because of this problem.

    1. Its all about YOU isn’t it? You do realize in only 4 sentences you referred to yourself 9 times?

      1. It is, since in 2 sentences you referred to ME 4 times. Welcome aboard. Now maybe you can help instead of trolling.

        1. ^^^^This is the best insult and comeback I’ve seen so far in 2014. Well done.

  28. Why is everyone so mad about Google voice integration? I actually like the idea. I’ve been trying to do this already on my nexus with Voice+.

    Most likely everyone will keep their old numbers, and it will be just like texting with your carrier phone number. Only problem is how will people be able to call with their Goole voice number, since VoIP will no longer work. I can already decide to call people with my carrier or gv number, it shows up every time I dial someone.

    Google certainly needs uniformity and hangouts is going to be it.

  29. Not a rumor…
    See this note on the google play store app. Talkatone.

    SPECIAL NOTE TO EXISTING TALKATONE FOR GOOGLE VOICE USERS: Talkatone will continue to support Google Voice users until May 15, 2014. After May 15, 2014 Talkatone users will no longer be able to access Google Voice through Talkatone because Google is discontinuing third party access to Google Voice on that date. We encourage all existing Talkatone for Google Voice users to consider switching to the new Talkatone service, the features of which are described above, prior to May 15, 2014 to ensure a seamless and uninterrupted transition. Happy Talking!

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