Mar 17th, 2014

Rovio has just released the the first real trailer for their upcoming RPG spin-off Angry Birds The Stick of Truth Epic. The video marks the first time we’re getting to see actual gameplay for the title, announced in a teaser video last Monday.

Angry Birds Epic classes

In the trailer, we see the familiar feathered fowl we’ve been slingshotting all these years, now outfitted in traditional medieval/fantasy garb. While at first we weren’t sure if Epic would feature more Battleheart-like real-time gameplay, it’s now clear from the trailer (as well as the new landing page) that turn-based is the name of the game, with Angry Birds bustin’ off magic attacks by dragging them onto enemies patiently awaiting their turn. Only 2 character classes were revealed on the site, showing a knight and mage each with their own unique stats.

Angry Birds Epic in-app purchases

Like everyone else, we’re a bit leery over Rovio’s likely freemium business model. With the new RPG formula, it’s fairly easy to see how a developer could get carried away with in-app purchases, especially when the Epic’s gameplay will involve lots of crafting and armor upgrades. Also worth considering is — in a videogame genre usually home to a complex story line — how well Rovio can drive a narrative without characters that can actually talk. But perhaps Rovio has other plans for keeping gamers engaged.

Looks great so far, but still no word on when we can expect this stateside. Angry Birds Epic is soft-launching today in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

[Angry Birds Epic]