LG to begin training for G3 launch in June, using B2 as codename


LG B2 G3 event training invite

It appears LG is rounding up the troops for a big new launch, one that has the company’s marketing team sending out invites to a big training event beginning in June. The invite, which only refers to a device under the moniker “B2”, is clearly referring something else. What could that be? Well, with the recent leaks we’ve seen these past few weeks, it doesn’t seem too far fetched to believe this will be the upcoming LG G3.

Lines up pretty well with rumors that LG wouldn’t wait until the end of the year to release their next big flagship, at the same trampling on the rumor about a May release. We’ve watched as LG released the Optimus G in November, then the LG G2 a little sooner in September. Launch event training is said to begin June 17th through the 18th, so we’re thinking the actual launch could follow soon after that.

With the LG G2 being one of our favorite Android devices of 2013, we can’t wait to see what the manufacturer brings with its sequel. Leaked screenshots point to a 2K resolution display, and we expect other specs in-tune with the recently announced LG G Pro 2.  Anyone else hyped?

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  1. Get get the build quality and UI right this time around and I MIGHTTTTT hold out for it instead of the HTC One M8

    1. I’m waiting on the M8 as well but I need HTC to do better than 2600 mah.

      1. I will say 2600mAh is small for the M8 which is far from the rumored 2900+mAh. On the contrary i am certain LG G3 will come packing more than the 3000mAh the G2 came with…i hope more like 3300+mAh.

    2. Other than a 2K display and new LED flash, I’m not expecting a super big jump in specs. Honestly, I’d be happy if LG just took the time to completely revise their UI (although unlikely).

      It was the introduction of Ice Cream Sandwich that we first saw LG implement the current new UI, and it’s remained relatively unchanged throughout Jelly Bean. Now that we’re on KitKat, it’s time for LG to finally go back to the drawing board. I mean, we’re seeing Samsung and HTC do it.

      1. Agreed completely… I’d be dissapointed if a new refreshed UI wasn’t implemented. I love all the software tweeks in LGs UI tho. Knock-On, Pop up Message, QSlide/Memo… All so useful. I’d actually be hesitant to use a device that *didnt* have these features…

        1. Pop up message is pure genius! I can’t live without it!

      2. This is probably the one thing they need to do most. Their UI isn’t bad at all, but could be a ton better. Start building/revising/optimizing it ground up.

      3. Every phone could do better, however I really liked LGs UI. Not as bad as some people make it out to be, and much better than touchwhiz. The G2 was almost perfect to me. If they added a removable battery, SDcard slot(Keep 32GB internal) and do away with the slippery glossy back, it would have been better.

  2. I’m excited but wish it was May 17th instead of June. It all depends on what I think of the HTC One 2014.

  3. Does anybody know if the G Pro 2 has the flex theme like the G Flex?

    1. Can’t say it was ever attempted, but I highly, highly doubt it.

      1. When you guys get a review unit can you check? Would appreciate it.

    2. There is a downloadable apk from XDA to install the theme on the G2 and G pro 2

      1. Nice!

  4. BINGO!

    1. B37! B25!

  5. Kinda funny because I remember a whole lot of people clowning on LG, when the Optimus G was released, simply because of LG’s bad history of support. Now, with the G3 on its way, there’s a new attitude towards LG. Kinda lines up with how Samsung used to be, but when the S2 became rapidly popular, every Galaxy since then has gotten more attention. Back when the G2 was announced/released, I had mentioned that they could end up becoming #2 behind Samsung, but many people seemed to doubt it. LG is definitely putting out some devices that are making me keep them in consideration for my next phone upgrade, whenever I decide to do that.

    1. I think LG still has a really long way to go… but they’re kind of the underdog right now, and people always root for the underdog.

      1. I dont think LG has a long way to go. They are right there all they need is 1 good marketing campaign.

        1. and a Micro SD Slot. Bam, perfect phone! Except the whole sealed battery, but that’s not as important as the Micro SD Slot. G3 rumors are looking good that they are bringing it back, though, so LG just might be my next phone.

          1. The korean version comes with 2 removable batteries and microsd slot. I think the carriers had them remove it because it would be too good and less profitable for them

        2. G3 might be a monster. Very similiar to how big the samsung s3 was.

      2. I feel LG makes higher quality all-around devices than Samsung for instance, and a few others. As with everything, there is some give and take, but I for one have really enjoyed/prefer LG’s phones.

        1. Same here.

      3. LG doesn’t have a long way to go. The G2 was as close as you can get to a perfect smartphone for today’s standards. Hell, LG did so well as designing the G2, that some aspects of it are more powerful than the S5! I think maybe LG has finally discovered the formula that works for them. 99.9% of G2 owners love their phone to pieces, including me. LG has a chance to rattle the smartphone world if they follow through with all of these rumors.

        1. I would love to agree with you, but the one thing that stopped me from getting the G2 over the Note 3 was the lack of a micro SD card slot. Not having access to the battery is annoying too, since Verizon locked up wireless charging to their version and I am not stupid enough to deal with Verizon wireless. So adding wireless charging to my Note 3 was really simple, but that wasn’t as much of a drawback as the lack of a micro sd card slot. All of my photos and videos are safely stored on my SD card, not hogging up my data by syncing to the cloud, or unreachable in a dead zone, or in danger of completely disappearing in the event of a damaged phone, and I don’t have to routinely go through and delete photos/videos to make room for a game that wants 500MB+ for additional storage. I can’t see a single “good” argument for getting rid of micro SD cards in phones.

          1. I completely agree!

      4. I think it’s more than LG being an underdog though. Back when Samsung first the Galaxy S series, there were different versions throughout the different carriers. Samsung’s US support was awful. HTC was still considered top tier, at that time, but the following year, HTC took a step back with their US offerings, and Samsung stepped up with virtually the same device for all the US carriers. The rest was history. LG could see the same type of pattern, after the success they saw with the G2 (and Nexus 4 and 5, if you want to count those as well). G3 could prove to be the true “breakout” for them, if they market it right.

        That said, if they try to use a similar campaign to that really, really weird Flex commercial…they’ll fail, no doubt.

        For those that haven’t seen it:

        1. The original Galaxy S was only slightly different across 3 of the major 4 carriers, but Sprint’s Epic was a major departure with the physical keyboard. However, the GS2 was even more differentiated by the 3 carriers that had it; T-Mobile opting for a 4.5″ screen, AT&T for the international version’s 4.3″ screen, Sprint going with a physical keyboard yet again, and Verizon not bothering to carry the device at all. So saying the GS2 was “virtually the same device for all US carriers” is crazy, perhaps you meant the GS3?

      5. LG is as close as you can get to liking Samsung without losing your hipster status on Disqus.

        1. The G2 as a device blows away the samsung line, and it was updated to KK before it too!

  6. 2014 Phone Of The Year

  7. Crap, Crap, Crap. Now I don’t know what to do. I love, love, love my G2, however I had my heart and mind set on the All New HTC One since it will be out in March, and then thought I would pick up the G3 in Sept or Oct when it was launched, but now, if it’s coming out in June, I might wait to compare. Crap….

  8. I am excited this phone will have an SD slot. I wanted the G2 badly but lack of SD slot drove me to the S4. I even got the G Pad cause it was based on the G2.

    I am definitely interested in seeing what it brings!

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