Alleged screenshots taken from the LG G3 may confirm 2K display



Mobile tech is advancing a blistering fast pace. In the fight for market share dominance, Android OEMs are pulling out all the stops in a mad attempt at 1-uping each other. Well, for the most part. Just because Samsung played it “safe” this year by sticking with a 1080p display (instead of the 2K one we heard so much about from rumors), doesn’t mean their rivals will be so complacent.

LG G3 screenshot leak

Look no further than the LG G3 which, according to those rumors we all love so much, is said to arrive on the scene with a drop-your-jaw and make-your-eyes-bleed 2K display. Well, a Dutch site may have just confirmed these rumors, after releasing a few screenshots from the upcoming device packing a — you guessed it — 1440 × 2560 resolution image (2K/QHD to the rest of us). Of course, nothing has been confirmed, but this leak seems pretty solid. Click the image for the full res version and look at the stunning clarity.

Hey, remember when people used to have 720p displays, and were okay with it? Life is good.


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  1. I’m just curious, what do you think the maximum ppi/dpi will be when they stop trying to increase it? Anyone?

    1. 4000ppi

      1. I disagree. 9000ppi is the absolute maximum.

    2. It needs to stop.

      Frankly It should stop at 450 DPI IMO – 1080P phone. 2k 8 inch tablet and 4k 10-13 inch screens.

      At this point all it does is use additional bandwidth for very little gain.

      1. I’m just pissed at how most computers are being released with sub-720p displays, meanwhile my freakin’ 5-inch smartphone is about to hit 2K.

        I can’t believe how the YouTube app is only showing me video in 720p, and whenever they get around to upping it to 1080p, it’s already going to look like sh*t on a 2K display.

        Display tech needs to chill out for a little bit on resolution, and let everything else catch up first (processors, bandwidth, etc).

        1. Or maybe everything else needs to catch up.

        2. … And battery. I thought there was a movement starting where there was greater focus on battery life, with the Droid Maxx and G2 leading the way, but Samsung and HTC don’t seem to be following suit, at least in non-phablet phones.

    3. It should have stopped around 350-400. I can’t even see pixels on an iPhone which is 326.

      1. This person doesn’t believe in > innovation <

      2. Seeing pixels is not what it’s about. Sharper, cripser images. Nexus 10 screen still surprises me after owning it for a over a year.

  2. This will be my next phone.

  3. How can you tell it’s 2k from that?

    1. The screenshot is in “2K”, which means the display must have been rendering the image at 2K, which means… you know……… 2K.

  4. It’s backwards 7, backwards 7, backwards 7 somewhere.

  5. what would really be nice is the ability to adjust the resolution on your phone. So you can get a 2k display and turn it down to 1080 if you want or even 720 when battery is low.

    1. Wow, that’s honestly a great idea. I wonder what effect that would have on battery life in real-world usage.

    2. Why u steal my ideas!! :P

      1. Apple’s lawyers are laughing at you while they are racing to the patent office.

        1. They should patent a static user experience and douchebaggery while they’re at.

    3. It’s one thing to down convert 1440p content to 1080p or 720p and then the phone upscales it to its native 1440p resolution, The same way the 1920×1080 resolution is completely utilized when you are seeing a 720p video from youtube.

      It’s another thing to for the 1440p display on the phone to only display a 1080p or 720p with no upscalling. In the second scenario, there will be a lot of unused pixels. So the phone will output a 1920×1080 or 1280×720 image, but all those unused pixels of the 1440p display would result in black lines running horizontally and vertically across the screen. It will not look good at all for that reason. Kinda like having rolls of dead pixels all over the screen.

      It needs to upconvert it to fill in the “gaps” which is what our current 1080p phones do with 720p content. Upconverting it uses the same power as the native 1440p display.

      1. i see i see. welp, nvm then.

    4. This “idea” is as bad as using one of those battery draining apps to “save” battery

  6. a few things to point out:

    I can tell it was a 2K image when it took 10 seconds to load the picture..usually pics may take 2-4…

    When I zoomed in..boy it was still clear.

    I am happily content with 720p.( at least on a screen no bigger than 4.8 inches ≈320ppi)

    even if this screen will not be in the LG G3, at least we know its coming soon.

    after seeing the Screen: Bezel ratio on the LG G2..my scope is zoomed in on the G3…

  7. Shitty skin still :( guess I’ll have to root.

    1. Just imagine a Google Play edition of the G3! *faints*

  8. Can we please stop talking about 2K displays on a phone? If we do maybe they’ll go away.

    1. There’s this thing, it’s called “technological advances”!

      1. That’s great, everyone loves advances. This, however, is simply a ”spec” ploy to get people to buy it. Put some new useful advances like what Motorola has done with their recent phone lineup. Keyword being Useful.

      2. There are also these people called haters who are never happy with anything and who can’t be happy for someone else when something good comes around.

  9. I own an LG Optimus G. It was released Fall 2012 and the last update was May 2013, leaving us on 4.1.2. Abandoned after 8 months, while Samsung and HTC update much older devices. Don’t count on LG for any updates is the moral of the story!

    1. I feel your pain. Head over to XDA and get Lrods OpTimuS 5.0 rom. It rocks.

    2. Eat, sleep, root, repeat.

  10. Too early for 2k displays seriously.

  11. That’s awesome! Any chance of the design flaws in the G2 being fixed? I’m referring to the embedded battery and Non expandable memory, if those are corrected, and it does indeed have a 1440p display, then I might give LG a try.

    1. I never viewed those as design flaws, the battery lasts longer than most phones and 32gb is more than enough for most people. The average person isn’t really gonna care about that, so I doubt they’d cater to a minority of users who care about that.

      1. But why take away an “option” in a phone? The whole premise of Android & how it was shown to be different from iPhone was choice. However, it’s true that those aren’t design flaws.

        1. Personally i’m fine with it either way.

        2. but there still is choice, that choice is to get the g2 or to get the gs5 or Htc One and still be on android.

        3. Because those options have their downsides, like having to get rid of something else to accommodate it. There’s only so much room in a phone.

      2. When getting a new phone it’s a whole lot easier to transfer an sd card with all your pictures & music on it, than to have to go through the hassle of connecting a phone like the IPhone, G2, or HTC One to a PC using a USB cable, to transfer content, way too much of a hassle, the whole purpose of a smartphone is to be independent of a pc.

        1. What if the old sd card you keep forever to transfer data from phone to phone is a class 2 or 4? And then you want to record 4k video onto it? Or play it back? Or take ever increasing resolution photos and the time it takes them to save limits the performance of the phone? You’d have to get a new sd card, and then transfer them all using a pc anyway. It’s nice to have the choice sometimes, but it really isn’t a design flaw at all. It is a design choice. Just one you don’t agree with.

    2. Design flaws? Really? Only reason they put removable batteries in phones anymore like Samsung is so you can pull them out when your phone freezes. The G2 battery lasts a day and a half.

      1. Every single electronic device that ever existed prior to the IPhone had user – accessible batteries. Portable cassette/cd players, radios, cars, CB/Ham radios, all had user – accessible batteries, prior to the IPhone.

      2. No, I’d rather have a choice. I don’t want a company choosing what I want because then ill get an apple product. By the way, every phone I have owned has had a removable battery. All the way back to 98. Built in batteries are a way of keeping the customer coming back to the manufacturer when they have issues and charging deductibles. All batteries have a life cycle and when it shortens you have to replace the phone. I just take the back off.

      3. Yo, G, this phone is gonna be off the hook (mostly because it’s never had one).

  12. I can’t wait! The G2 is a great under appreciated phone, so I’m hoping for even better things with the G3. I’ve read it’s coming as soon as May 17th!

  13. Just got the G2, and I’m perfectly fine with it. But knowing I have another upgrade coming in August kinda has my mouth watering at what’s going to be on the market by then!

  14. LG has to do something with the UI and the build, other than that their software features are just right while keeping the device plenty fast. Don’t let me begin to talk about the awesome battery life

  15. Is there a stock-like battery icon on the G2 as well?

    I’m sort of hoping the new nexus is not by LG so it’s more likely there will be a GPe G3.

  16. I can’t wait for this phone! IMHO, it will be the best phone Verizon will pick up!

  17. The jump from 800×480 on my LG Optimus 2X to my ASUS Padfone 2 with 720p was awesome. I drooled for weeks about this gorgeous screen.
    The jump from 720p to 1080p on my New Padfone Infinity and my Nexus 5 was not so much noticeable anymore. Sure, you can see a difference if you look very closely, but that’s about it for my vision.

    2K is nothing I was holding my fingers crossed for. It can in theory drain the battery faster, while the benefits of a 2K resolution on a screen <6" are marginal.

    What I love about the LG G2 is the great battery and the "screen size to overall size"-ratio which is phenomenal. The Snapdragon 800 is fantastic as well.

    So what I hope will be on the LG G3 is:

    – Snapdragon 805
    – "screen size to overall size"-ratio like the G2 (or even better)
    – Great battery capacity
    – Higher quality speaker

    Water resistance would be a plus.

    I don't care about a 2K screen.

  18. Translation:

    First, the clock in status bar, is: 2:23 pm,
    Second then the clock in the left hand, Korea, 5:53, and the right hand then
    again, local (India) 2:23 Thursday, 13/3, Last: in the bottom of the screen:
    emergency call press hold.

    Second Picture, massage from Jxjcjdjt : Myself ,
    also the same in status bar.

    Say Thanks??

  19. Bunch of crybabies in here. Yeah let’s stop innovating. There’s a simple solution for all your world problems……
    don’t buy it and stay behind.

    1. Already doing it.

      Some of us are crybabies cause we want innovation, just not that kind. This is a stupid, useless innovation, for consumers blinded by marketting arguments.

      The upgrade from 720p to 1080p was barrely noticable, and not worth the reduced battery life. Going for 2k is just for the number.

      Interresting experiment : I got a note2, a friend of mine got a 3. One is 720p, the other 1080p.
      When we are together and the conversation comes up, we take both our phones, hide the border, and ask anyone who think 1080p is better wich is FHD. Without getting closer than he would be holding it normaly.
      So far, the 3 people whe asked just pointed the brighter one, wich was the note 2.

      I’m pretty sure in blind test, very few people (if any) can tell the difference between 720p and 1080p. Let alone 2k and 1080p.

      I’d rather they focuse on better battery life and better reception.

      1. It’s not a fair test then is it if you had one brighter than the other. It’s a well known fact that people in comparisons lean towards brighter displays. Which is why tv ‘auto’ or ‘shop mode’ settings are ramped up to the max, to attract people.

        You want innovation? But only as long as it is the innovation that you want. Seriously, you will never be completely happy then.

        1. It’s a perfectly fair test. They are supposed to “see the pixels”.
          But really, they see nothing. Just setting the luminosity higher does not magically reduce the size of the pixel. If they had really “seen the pixels” they would have been able to tell wich one was sharper.

          If we hadn’t done that, they might have picked the 1080p one just out of luck, and feel conforted in their opinion. (We only did it 3 times.)

          We used the luminosity trick to slightly tip the scale in favor of the 720p display. OK, it’s kind of a trap. But it can only work because they can’t actually see the difference between 1080p and 720p.

          The proof is still valid : they told us they picked one screen because it was 1080p, that they could tell the difference, and this one was sharper.
          We proved them they where only picking either randomly, or the brighter one. If they had seen the pixels, stlightlu higher luminosity would have changed nothing.

      2. I bet that i can (or anyone with normal visibility) tell the difference between 720p and 1080p(place it side by side) so easily unless you dont look at a plain (more)same color image. Definitely 2k will be an overkill because of the small screen and battery juice required.
        I feel adequate with a 5.9″ 1080p(example of G PRO2) display because i cannot carry an extra tablet. a 4.8″ may be ok for 720p for me.

    2. If you don’t like what’s on the drawing board get out of the draughting room.

  20. How about LG focus on providing Android updates and fixing the GPS on the G2? Love this phone otherwise. The display is already brilliant. 2K is overkill for this size screen.

    1. Hmm, I’m using a G2 running Android 4.4.2 and have never had any problems with the GPS… weird

  21. The LG G3 is gonna be a beauty, I’ll definitely look out for it.


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