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Mobile tech is advancing a blistering fast pace. In the fight for market share dominance, Android OEMs are pulling out all the stops in a mad attempt at 1-uping each other. Well, for the most part. Just because Samsung played it “safe” this year by sticking with a 1080p display (instead of the 2K one we heard so much about from rumors), doesn’t mean their rivals will be so complacent.

LG G3 screenshot leak

Look no further than the LG G3 which, according to those rumors we all love so much, is said to arrive on the scene with a drop-your-jaw and make-your-eyes-bleed 2K display. Well, a Dutch site may have just confirmed these rumors, after releasing a few screenshots from the upcoming device packing a — you guessed it — 1440 × 2560 resolution image (2K/QHD to the rest of us). Of course, nothing has been confirmed, but this leak seems pretty solid. Click the image for the full res version and look at the stunning clarity.

Hey, remember when people used to have 720p displays, and were okay with it? Life is good.


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