Mar 13th, 2014


Online storage can be expensive, which is why it’s so frustrating that a lot of companies are beginning to rely on the cloud for providing users with long-term storage options. Thankfully, one of the “cloudiest” companies there are — Google — is looking to challenge the status quo.

They have introduced some new ridiculously affordable Google Drive pricing options for those who need more storage beyond the standard free 15GB you already get. Here’s a quick look at all of the new options you have at your fingertips:

  • $1.99 per month: 100GB (previously $4.99)
  • $9.99 per month: 1TB (previously $49.99)
  • $99.99 per month: 10TB+

We’re sure those higher tiers are more for business users than anyone else, but it’s refreshing to see a host of options for regular Joe Schmos like you and me that are both plentiful and affordable. If you don’t remember, Google now uses your Drive storage for your email accounts, Google+ photos, as well as anything else you decide to upload there.

Most average users probably get by with the free 15GB option, but we’re sure there are folks out there with tons of email and photos who have been looking for this extra breathing room without having to break the bank.

It’s especially refreshing in a time where companies seem keen on increasing prices more than anything, such as Amazon’s price hike to Amazon Prime earlier today. Let’s hope this latest move pressures competitors such as Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive to drive cloud storage prices even lower across the board. Dial it in right here if you want to hop onto one of these great new plans (those who were already paying have been converted automatically).