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Yesterday, we learned a bit more about the all new HTC One thanks to some leaked advertising materials by one of the carriers planning to sell it. Namely, we learned that the device’s dual cameras would enable 3D effects, better lowlight performance and post-processed focusing.

Even more has leaked today, though. Actually, a lot more has leaked. An entire sales guide for the all new HTC One gives us several new details on the phone, with the document meant to guide salespersons in their attempt to get the device into consumers’ hands. Here are the quick highlights in case you’re curious:

  • The all new HTC One is crafted from a single block of aluminum with a brushed metal finish.
  • HTC BoomSound stereo front-facing speakers return with dedicated amplifier. Sound is also enhanced through software EQ.
  • Motion Launch allows you to answer a call by pulling it up to your ear, open your device straight to BlinkFeed by swiping your hand across the screen, and double tap the display to wake your phone up.
  • The HTC Duo camera with UltraPixel technology allows you to refocus images and create depth-of-field effects after the shot has been taken.
  • The device will have a 5 megapixel front camera with a wide-angle lens for bettering those all-important selfies.

There was more to be had within the document, though many of the features discussed — such as HTC Zoe and BlinkFeed — were on the HTC One and don’t seem to have many new capabilities (at least, not according to this particular document).

More solid expectations of the device’s specs have started to formulate within the past few weeks, with the HTC One said to be coming with a 5-inch 1080p HD display, a 2.3GHz Snapdragon 801 processor, and a 2,600mAh battery.

Much like the Samsung Galaxy S5, this follow-up to HTC’s 2013 flagship doesn’t sound like a significant jump in terms of sheer horsepower. That said, it should still turn out to be quite the looker, and its hardware should carry it well into the rest of 2014 and beyond. We should know all the details come March 25th when HTC is expected to unveil this thing for the world to see.

[via GSMArena]

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  1. i hope once this is announced and people find it to be a lackluster upgrade, everyone who was trashing Samsung will trash HTC…

    1. I’ll take this over samsung any day just based on build quality alone! Never mind the fact that sense is much lighter and smoother and better looking than touchwiz

      1. That’s fine. But that’s not what I said. Not one who has even tried the S5 has said TouchWiz isn’t improved.

        1. As they say, first impression is the best impression.Dimples on the back of the phone doesn’t really make a good first impression. That design just is so unpleasing to the eye. Though, otherwise, its a pretty solid phone….

          1. Case in device = dimples are a non-issue. Nova makes TW much less of an issue as well.

          2. *Device in a case*

          3. So why should someone pay extra to cover up what is IMHO an ugly design. The only way it could’ve been uglier is if they’d give with a diamond tuck pattern. But either way, you’ve just spent how much on the device, and now you need to pay more to cover it up? Not everyone uses a case, in fact most of the people I know don’t. All I’m saying is S5 could’ve been a lot better. The back was a ripoff of the 2012 Nexus 7 back, which was ugly to begin with. TW needs a serious diet. While putting a different launcher is an option, if the solution to better performance is replacing the skin, why have it there in the first place?

        2. Maybe if Samsung would have included dual front speakers I may have looked there way because I like phones with excellent sound quality, that’s why I’m only looking at the Xperia z2 and HTC m8

          1. Anyone who doesn’t use his/her device as a music player on a regular basis sees no front speakers as a non-issue.

          2. If you read the dam comment and stop trolling , you’ll see I said “I”, I don’t give 2 craps about anyone else. Nah back yo A** off of me

        3. Meh.

          TouchWiz peaked on the S2 and has gone downhill quickly ever since. At least, in my opinion…and yes; I’ve been using Samsung devices since the Fascinate.

      2. Exactly my sentiments.

      3. enjoy the bezel.

        1. good looking phone + good looking skin + bezel > meh looking phone + meh looking skin + no bezel in many people’s eyes.

        2. Honestly bro the bezel is a non issue for me, if I had to choose among, bezel or ugly arse tw interface paired with a cheap build, I’ll take the bezel any day

      4. Agreed. Ive always preferred HTC over every company. It has amazing build quality, awesome front facing speakers (music is my sh**), finally a micro SD slot, it has sense (hands down my favorite OEM skin by a long shot), and manycother things we still don’t know.

      5. Note 3 + Nova more or less = HTC One where it matters.

      6. Why is build quality such an issue? Don’t most people use cases anyway? It’s not as if the Note 3’s plastic cracks or breaks significantly more while it’s in a case than a metal device would. It’s a hangup people have, nothing more. No basis in reasonability.

    2. I personally never thought the s5 upgrade was lackluster… snapdraggy 801, water proof, bigger battery, and camera improvements…. isnt that all we usually ever upgrade for anyway? My only complaint was the battery bump wasnt large enough, same goes for htc.

      1. Agreed. There is a lot more new additions to the S5 and not much at all in the new One.

        1. i think the one also seems to have the same new additions as samsung minus water proofing… new processor, larger battery, improved camera, and touch less controls seem pretty decent.

        2. Oh yea, I’m not done with you yet. What about HTC new touchless controls they didn’t use before, which is more software additions. Like I said up top slap yaself

      2. I really thought the S5 should have come with 3GB of RAM, but maybe i am just asking too much.

        1. i didnt really care about the ram, i’m ok with 2gb at the moment for my personal tasks. What i really want is some usb 3.0

      3. Just want to clarify in a polite way that the S5 is water-resistant, not waterproof. I wish it was waterproof like the S4 Active, but oh well.

        1. thanks for the polite correction

    3. Samsung should be trashed, they got all that money and act like they can’t put more money into a phone and sell it at still a good price, they use cheaper materials and put lackluster effort into optimizing there software to where it dont seem laggy and gimmicky. Samsung is far too big of a company to be acting as lazy as they do. To bad there’s more sheep than individual minds out there. At least other OEMs spend money on making DAM good devices that’s worth something

      1. Haha. The S5 is addimg everything the new One Is in terms of general spec bumps and they made the phone waterproof and added a finger print scanner and a heart rate sensor and overhauled their UI. The S5 screen is almost a half inch larger than the new One is in most situations (on screen buttons showing). HTC added a third camera.

        I won’t but buying either of these phones but your comment is ridiculous.

        1. HTC added a third camera, better than before speakers and a easy pop out micro-sd slot, better than having to remove the whole back just to remove and add memory. Screen irrelevant given there only .1 of an inch different. But anyway I still feel that Samsung has to much money to be skimping on build quality which most people want, and that’s something samsung always have done. so slap yaself

      2. The feel/build quality (plastic vs metal) device debate is a waste of time. If you care that much about something that isn’t much of an issue at all there’s a problem. Many plastic devices are more than good enough. Most people use cases and the build materials become even less of an issue. Stop belly-aching about something that shouldn’t be a problem.

        1. Aye man, back off of me, I talk about whatever I feel , how in the heck you know what most people want, but I tell you what, most people are sheep

    4. Some men just like to watch the world moan.

  2. The Sales Guide Basically Says what was there in the ad by telstra. That Guide could be easily made up by anyone. For all we know, that could be photoshopped. The render isnt convincing either. I mean, wtf is up with the camera rings…..

  3. You better have awesome battery life.

    1. With a 2600 mAh? Unlikely.

      1. Agreed although I think a lot can be achieved with 2600 mAh if the hardware/software was optimised for low power. The Moto X only has a 2200 mAh but it runs longer than phones with much larger batteries. I’ll reserve judgement until I see real world figures come back from reviews.

      2. 801 + kitkat should, theoretically, make it more power efficient

      3. 300mah more than original one , plus better processor, better optimized version of sense, and kitkat 4.4 I’m assuming at least 1 to 2 more hours of use which is decent

        1. Bezel alone will eat up hours of battery life.Joke of a phone LOL

          1. How in the heck does bezel use battery, what in the heck you talking about

          2. A bezel is a NON FUNCTIONAL piece of the phone’s face. It doesn’t use battery, anymore than the phone’s case does. Have you ever heard anyone say, “Look at that huge back plate, that’s going to use a ton of battery”.

            When trying to make something look stupid, the goal is to make sure you don’t end up looking the same.

      4. Original HTC one had great battery life with a smaller battery

        1. wouldn’t call it great. it was good if you are a light user and decent if medium user. for heavy users especially those who game, the phone won’t even last the whole day.

          1. “for heavy users especially those who game, the phone won’t even last the whole day.”

            Maybe two models can even aspire to claim this ability. All day battery for medium usage seems to be the goal of most OEMs.

          2. Unfortunately, people who are “heavy users” are in the extreme minority, so their needs/wants are not necessarily in the mindset of the OEM.

  4. Bezelicious

    1. You can pretend there are no bezels by keeping one finger on the edge of the screen. That way, the touch input will be unresponsive, just like a bezel-free phone.

  5. Brace yourself: the bezel comments are coming, all positive features of the phone are instantly invalidated due to people’s OCD

    1. What positive features? The 4MP camera? The 2600 battery? The 1 inch bezel?

      Seems like a step back from the 2013 One. Way to go HTC.

      1. Where’d you hear 4mp?

        1. Mobilesyrup.com

        2. Ultrapixels are really just a gimmick name for megapixels…

      2. Haters will always hate.

      3. best processor available, improved camera, motion controls, knock-on unlock, improved speakers, and an sd card slot for those who care…

        1. 4MP camera? LOLZ

          1. People who read cameras based on mega pixel clearly has no knowledge on how camera works. End of story.

          2. No where in any leaks it mentions 4MP, you just made that up, even if it is, it’s 4 UltraP. On the other hand it’s a shame for other companies if HTC’s 4MP camera is better than 8MP, and 13MP cameras.
            You sound like you’re being paid by the company that makes BandAid phones.

          3. At least BandAid phones sell. HTC is a sinking ship! LOL..4MP! ahahahah

    2. Personally, I prefer the bezel. I like a screen protector in place, and that allows for the edges not to impair the screen. I also don’t like monster phones like the Note. I want a phone, not a phablet. I’ve got a 7-incher when I want a tablet. Finally, 2600 mAh battery and a sdcard slot pretty much means this unit will finally replace my 2 1/2 year old Rezound.

    3. OCD nothing. It doesn’t look good because of the bezel. LG G2 and Pimp my Rom. Take away the home, back and menu keys using the app and you have a magnificent device.

  6. Crafted from a single block?
    Is it milled or stamped? That seems to imply milling.

    1. Should have made it of a single block of depleted uranium. That way people might start considering the possibility that polycarbonate/plastic devices don’t necessarily feel or function much worse than metal ones.

  7. I wish the screen was bigger… 5.2 would have been perfect… with the onscreen keys its going to feel like the screen size is the same w/ only a 5in screen.

    1. Maybe the all new htc one+ will have 5.2″ =P

    1. I’m surprised it sold for such a cheap price. Seems like the listing name made it fly ‘under the radar’.
      *edit* Didn’t realize until now the person set the Buy it Now price so low for an unreleased phone.

  8. Awesome, now it’s decision time!! New hTC ONE or Sony Z2!!!!!

    1. non of those but Note 4 for me =))

      1. Note 4 will definitely be a great phone, but it will be too big for my liking :)

        1. OR note4 will be nothing but a disappointment like “highly anticipated” GS5…lol

      2. Where talking about phones not phablets

        1. One does not simply dismiss phablets.

          1. When you talking about cellphone, yea you separate that from a phablet. Nobody dismissing phablets

      3. If they make the Note any bigger people are going to have to buy new pants with bigger pockets.

    2. Easy answer….so you like thick bezels?

      1. I’m with ya the Z2 is nice but those bezels are ridiculous

  9. Motion launch seems pretty neat

  10. Oppo 7 or OnePlus or HTC one(2014)

  11. But,…but..it’s got a bezel. And, the camera is not as good as my Nikon SLR. And, they put the power button in the wrong place, so I can’t use it one-handed while I endanger everyone’s life while driving! This sucks! WAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

    1. double tap to wake? did you even read it?

      1. His sarcasm is obvious to most. So, yes, he did read it.

    2. What is it with the overly dramatic comments like this one? Take a tranquiliser to the behind or a cyanide pill down your throat. Either way you’ll calm down like everyone wants people like you to.

      1. I think he was trying to be humorous.

  12. I’m very dissapointed with Samsung and HTC I was hoping for a bigger battery and something to wow me. I guess I’ll hold off to see what the LG G3 will be like or the Oppo Find 7.

  13. I’m really curious about the MPs of the back camera. I love my HTC One, but not being able to zoom at all at the risk of making any pic look like crap sucks.

  14. I still say to this point nothing I have seen is better or close to the Samsung Note 3. The HP, specks and S-Pen software pushes the Note 3 over the top for me. The Note 3 is currently the best phone to date. The 5S isn’t too shabby either.

    1. This!

      Samsung ftw.

      1. I’m apart of the world so f you back…. HTC all the way

    2. I didn’t know they finished the Note 3 so unprofessionally. Specks on the device. Really now.

  15. Was hoping for at least a 3000mah battery this time!

    1. for sure. the bezel alone will use up about 1000mAh

      1. You certainly have a distaste for bezels. Why is that? Do you like all energy to be transferred to the glass during a drop? You can pretend there are no bezels by breaking the screen with a hammer every time you drop it. Or are you one of these contrarian idiots who complain about the extra 4 mm, yet lament the fact there isn’t more battery and a larger screen? Possibly, you prefer sound to be mono, tinny, and only audible when you cup your hand around the back of the phone.

        1. I think he means the black bar with HTC on it. Personally i dont mind it.

  16. the mention of 3D reminded me of that super fail phone EVO 3D. why not just focus on just better pictures under low light?

    1. why…..because bezel.

    2. The only mention of 3D is from ignorant speculation. This article mentions 3D “effects”, not 3D pictures, which would be pointless if the phone did not have a 3D display. If it could take 3D pictures, that would only be an extra feature that you don’t have to use. The Duo camera is supposed to allow for several editing effects and picture taking improvements, such as better low light performance.


    The zoom on it will be just as bad on the 2013 HTC One. Zoom x 2….grainy! LOL

    HTC = Joke.

    1. Troll, its with 5mpx in front. Where did you read 4mpx?

      1. I think hes referring to the UltraPixel camera. Ive personally had no problem with the camera, its focus is awesome, and very good in zoom compared to comparable smartphones. Besides if someone buys a smartphone for the camera, they have issues.

        1. He’s one of the Korean labor force…LOL

    2. You have been posting same 4MP crap in every discussion you go to, you’re working very hard my friend. I hope your employer sees that and you get paid.

      1. You’re too emotional about HTC, don’t be a fanboy it is unhealthy.

        1. Dude I’m not brand loyal, I just like cools phones, I have a HTC One but wife n kid got Note3 and GS4. I like to get new phone frequently, but every time I go to a discussion, these freaking Samsung trolls bashing HTC and HTC trolls bashing Samsung. It’s such a waste of time reading this crap, and not get actual info on question I want to ask…

  18. At least we dont have to wait till March 25th to be disappointed.

  19. Useless bezel is still useless.

    Off my radar.

  20. Nice to see an upgrade in the front facing camera for once.

  21. LMAO!! SO HTC stole knock on from Nokia/LG and answering calls by putting the phone to your ear from samsung hahahahhaah. I can’t believe it wow

    1. I wish Samsung steal elegance from HTC phones and stop building it’s phones from crap just like they stole UI layout from Apple not to long ago ;)

      1. As long as samsung keeps on selling phones like hot cake I don’t think they care ;)

        Maybe HTC should copy samsung after all !

  22. So does anyone know for sure the number of megapixels that the UP Camera has? If it is 4 I will be sorely disappointed.

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