Run an Empire is like Ingress and Civilization put together [KICKSTARTER]


We’ve been wondering how long it would take for more Ingress-esque games to start popping up after its addictive nature hit the best of everyone, and it looks like another interesting augmented reality location-based game.

It’s called Run and Empire, and its name is as straight forward as one could be. The goal of the game is to “capture” real-world territory around you by running. You capture a plot of land by simply running a route around it, whether that’s a quick jog around the block, the neighborhood, and — if you’re some sort of superhuman — the entire city.

The fun in it is seeing if you can take over other people’s territory, and getting revenge when they take over yours. The developers, Pan Studio, said their goal was to make a game that was accessible to anyone. You won’t need to be a marathon runner to compete, as simply walking or jogging at your own pace can take over just as much territory as someone who can zip around the corner.

To drive the health benefits of playing this game home, the app will have an API that could allow you to keep you updated on your fitness and health by calculating how many steps you’ve walked, the distance you’ve run, and more. Third-party apps such as RunKeeper would be able to hook into this data and seamlessly include it in your workout history.

So how, and when, and for how much, can you get your hands on it? Thankfully, the cost of entry is quite affordable. You can get early beta access in August 2014 for as little as 4 pounds. Otherwise, it looks like the app will be free and all other rewards are simply extras for those who really want to support the project.

There is one caveat for us Android users, though — only iOS support is planned for now. The developers say they will be looking to bring it over to Android if they can raise 25,000 pounds, though, so you’ll definitely want to contribute to the cause if you want to see this on our platform. You can do so by heading to the project’s Kickstarter page here.

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  1. In paragraph 2, you call the game “Run and Empire”. In the title, “Run an Empire”. Which is it?

    1. Too lazy to open the link and read for yourself or trying to say something smart?
      Run An Empire – The Real-World Territory Control Game

    2. I feel your pain, man. Spelling errors are more of a pet peeve for some than others. I know it’s irrelevant for many people, though.

  2. Nice idea! How about driving around in the car- must be separated app or sub-set of users

    1. Well you just found out how to cheat at this game :/ ……

      1. ))
        Block these cheats – if user_speed more than > 10km/h – meaning cars or so.

        And another layer – bikes!

        1. Dude I can easily run as fast as a lamo car drives around my block…
          Seriously though, the only way to make it harder for future cheaters is too track how much the phone gets shaken and stuff; otherwise i really don’t see it.

  3. They probably wont release an android app because they know Ingress is better and people will still just choose that.

    Just wait till Ingress releases to iOS this year and this app won’t stand a chance.

  4. I wonder if this app will work if I’m on a bike.

  5. This game needs to include teams or allies so you can work in groups to create your empires. Then, when you are teamed up with people, you could see how each person is contributing by what blocks they’ve added and how much they’ve run each day. For the fitness enthusiasts, they could even include heart rates, calories burned and such from the fitness trackers people wear. If it shared that information with the other allies, you could help motivate each other to keep working on improving even if you play at different times of the day. At the same time, the other teams in your city would still be competing to gain ground so that would motivate your team as a whole too.

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