Invite for Oppo Find 7 event is equal parts showy as it is friggin’ cool [VIDEO]


Oppo Find 7 launch event date

For being one of the smaller Android OEMs, we’ve gotta hand it to Oppo — they’ve somehow managed to do a pretty good job at getting the hype train rolling for their upcoming Oppo Find 7. A smartphone touting a 2K display and Oppo’s trademark premium build quality, the Chinese smartphone maker is said to unveil the device in 2 different versions — one with 1080p, the other with 2K — during their March 19th event in Beijing, China.

If there was any clue the Oppo Find 7 aims to impress, look no further than the invites Oppo has been sending out to press. Video instructions on exactly how to operate the invite (yeah, it’s that crazy) were posted online today. In the video, a box containing a prism like item is extracted, along with some documentation providing QR codes to download a companion app (for Android and iOS). Once downloaded to an Android device, the phone is then placed face down on the prism where a video will play through the prism. This is nothing more than an invite, folks. Over the top? Well, yes. Quite literally. Damn cool? Definitely.

Check out the (blurry) video for yourself, and let us know if you were impressed, or if you found the invite too showy.

[via GizChina]

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  1. First and foremost..That was freaken cool as hell!!!! Hey Chris, i want the invite if y’all get one!!!lol..or quite frankly…a prism would do just fine!!!! also.. let’s just say that it does support T-Mobile radios.. what is the best place to purchase these foreign phones online? as far as security, price,shipping… etc.

    1. From oppo themselves


  2. Something just happened in my pants..

    1. Oohh myy!

  3. Now that is how to do a press invite!

  4. Wow. That’s pretty awesome. If you can think it up and do it, then go for it. That’s what’s up.

  5. Ah mah gah! I desperately want to make love to a school boy… No, no, no, I uh. That’s not what I meant.

  6. If only it would come to carrier’s in the state’s

  7. Yea, japan has done this for a LIVE anime character event…. forgot who that girl is lol.

  8. What was the point of the pyramid as a reflective screen? That might make sense… if the unveil was happening at the luxor in Vegas.

  9. But what about the other faces of the pyramid? Inquiring minds want to know

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