Mar 11th, 2014 publishUpdated   Mar 18th, 2014, 2:01 pm

We’re always for interesting ideas here at Phandroid, so that’s why the HeadWatch caught our eye. It’s a smart watch. That can go on your ear. I know… weird, right? This thing runs Android with a touch-screen color display, giving you a nice, open platform for apps (should the demand for those exist).

The HeadWatch features an implanted speaker and a hooking mechanism for your ear, giving you an easy way to transition between watch and headset mode. The device also features RGB strip lights for delivering futuristic-looking notifications whenever something new comes in, as well as various sensors for temperature, luminosity, and proximity.

The watch / headset will feature the ability to respond and respond to texts, answer and place phone calls, and see various other notifications from apps you use everyday.



Unfortunately, this ambitious idea means we’re a bit far off from seeing it turn into reality. We’re a full year away from the first expected shipments, as the project creators have set a shipping estimate of March 2015. You can get one for as little as $169 if you’re quick enough, as it’s only available at that price for the first 500 people. The next early bird special is for $189 for the next 1,000 people. Beyond that, the normal retail price will sit at a cool $200.

There is one way to get the device faster if you’re ultra anxious, though — you can become a beta tester for $500. The current shipment schedule says January 2014, though we’re assuming the project creators made a mistake and meant to say January 2015 instead. We’ll definitely be reaching out to clarify. In the meantime you can put in a pledge for one yourself over at the IndieGoGo page.


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