Feb 13th, 2014

Google Play Services 4.2

Good news for everyone looking to increase the functionality of their Chromecasts, Google Play Services 4.2 has now officially rolled out to Android devices world wide. Aside from updated Google Drive APIs, the update also includes the new Chromecast APIs necessary to cast content to your TV.

It was on February 3rd that the Google Cast SDK went live for developers, allowing them to begin building apps with Chromecast support. Unfortunately, because Google Play Services 4.2 had not officially rolled out to everyone, Google asked developers to hold off on releasing new and improved Chromecastified apps.

Now, with all the pieces in place — the Chromecast SDK in developers hands and Google Play Services 4.2 in everyone else’s — you should expect a slew of new apps updating in the Play Store with Chromecast support. Let the games begin.


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