This awful LG G Flex ad makes me weep for humanity [VIDEO]


Seriously, LG? You’re cool and all, and your latest phones make me feel happy inside, but this LG G Flex ad seriously has me questioning whether the human race has made any significant progress within the past few decades.

Why is the guy talking to the mouth and not the ear? And who makes out with their hand?! Nothing makes sense anymore! Yeesh, and to think I thought HTC was bad. Ad is sitting above if you feel like giving your gag reflex a workout.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I need therapy now.

    1. Not funny.

      1. Says the guy that find the commercial amusing.

  2. OMG that ending.

    1. Brings new meaning to ” phone sex “

  3. Wow that’s so dumb… The ear should be at the bottom and the mouth at the top of the hand.

    1. That’s your quarrel with the ad?

  4. Wow Korea trying to top Japan for strange….. Is that how lg really think we westeners are?

  5. That add is just going to make me run away from the G Flex.

  6. Wtf?

  7. Weird…….. but I loved it! Hahaha

  8. so I think that explains a lot ….. :-)

    1. why the image came up 3 time LOL

  9. So we can guess how it ends with his hand, based on the last frame. NSFW.

  10. This ad was awful, cringe worthy, unimaginative and uninspired

  11. I actually thought it was kind of amusing. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one.

    1. i agree lol..not fitting for a tv ad but great for an online ad

      1. Eh, I could take it anywhere.

  12. wtf??? I’m astonished at how awful that was…

  13. Dumb commercial for a great phone.

  14. Looks as if I’m tuned-in to CN’s ADULT SWIM/ROBOT CHICKEN….

  15. That was actually quite disturbing

  16. Ugh. That’s just something that can’t be unwatched.

    Curse you, Phandroid!

  17. That hand-mouth “beard” really needs a trim. I like mine shaved. *wink*

    MmmmmHmmmmm. We all saw it.

  18. 0_o

  19. I clicked on this thinking… Surely he’s exaggerating… I… Wish he was.. That was beyond stupid, whoever green lighted this should feel bad. I mean I felt embarrassed for LG.

  20. I feel violated after watching this…

  21. Oh man.I guess that was their attempt to make a funny commercial using that “old spice” type of humor. Some companies have been successful with this..LG not so much…………………..

  22. LG BENELUX better comes with good video next time, the buffering video advertising your LG Gpro also giving almost the same feeling http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIUvOtXlrrU

  23. Oh bro that was “bad” as in “BADDD” — not good.

  24. That’s just sad. As if the phone isnt ugly enough.

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  26. Jesus…

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