Mar 4th, 2014

vudu for android

Now that Google has opened up the Chromecast SDK to everyone, we imagined it wouldn’t take long for most major streaming video services to hop onto the bandwagon. Another one has confirmed plans to bring Chromecast support, as VUDU  has promised functionality in an upgrade that should be heading our way soon.

VUDU gives you access to hundreds of thousands of movies and TV shows, and often offers new releases on the same day the titles launch on DVD and Blu-Ray. Their other claim to fame is a dedicated “HDX” streaming mode, which is a fancy way to say “this movie is full 1080p HD without artifcating and with Dolby Digital surround sound.”

Support will be coming to both Android and iOS in the form of app upgrades, and those watching on desktop browsers will be able to easily stream through the Chromecast plugin for Google Chrome. VUDU didn’t have a timeline to offer in terms of release schedules, though they did offer up an opportunity to beta test the upgrade ahead of the upgrade rolling out to everyone. You can sign up here if you’re interested.

[via VUDU]

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