Verizon tries prepaid again with new AllSet service plans, here are the details



Verizon Wireless is giving their prepaid wireless plans a little overhaul in hopes of entice new customers looking for service on the cheap. AllSet is their latest stab at prepaid, allowing customers to buy their data a la carte, on top of a unlimited calls and text, providing they bring their own (Verizon) phone. Here’s how it works.

First, you start off with the basic $45 smartphone prepaid plan that includes unlimited calling and text messaging and 500MB of data (1GB of DATA when enrolling in auto-pay) — and here’s the kicker — on Verizon’s 3G network. Sorry, folks. No 4G LTE to be found here. After that, additional data (dubbed “Bridge Data”) can be purchased in chunks where it will remain on an account until it’s been completely exhausted. If not, the data actually carries over to the next month. Pretty neat. Here’s the data pricing:

Bridge Data

  • 500 MB for $5 with 30-day expiration
  • 1 GB for $10 with 90-day expiration
  • 3 GB for $20 with 90-day expiration

Once again, purchased data does have an expiration date, meaning data sippers can’t shouldn’t expect to use 500MB over the course of 3 months. In theory, the best deal is the 1GB or 3GB data chunks which can roll over for 3 months.

After adding up the numbers, you’ll find Verizon’s new AllSet plans are still a little bit on the pricey side. For instance, unlimited talk, text, and 2GB of Verizon 3G data still runs about $55 (if enrolled in auto-pay).

Taking a quick look at the competition and you’ll find T-Mobile offers nearly the same plan for $60 a month and 2.5GB of high-speed 4G LTE data. If AT&T’s coverage is more to your liking, Straight Talk will sell you unlimited talk/text and 2.5GB of 4G LTE on AT&T’s 4G LTE network for barely $45 a month. The choice is yours.


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  1. Until Verizon offers prepaid smartphone LTE service, their prepaid will be garbage. Period.

  2. Verizon freaken sucks ass..for real..$45 on Straight talk I get unlimited AT&T LTE (2.5gb then throttled) with a reliable big player carrier…GTFO Verizon.

    1. With T-Mo I get 100 minutes, unlimited text, unlimited data (5GB LTE, then throttled) for $30.

    2. Can you post your speeds when thottled? Last I heard they were unclear on the gb, and they cut you off or cancelled your service is you used too much.

  3. how insulting..

  4. Poop.

  5. Verizon keep trying big guy one day you’ll get it..

  6. I will never go with straight talk again they cut my data for a month and a half for watching a single low quailty youtube vid considering that was all the phone could handle.

    I basically went from boost mobile to a verizon based straight talk phone for better coverage but I had much better service with the boost mobile phone then I ever had with straight talk. So I ended up back with boost mobile after 3 months becuase of the no date for 1 and a half months. The coverage may be smaller but at least my phone worked. I just last month switched over to Verizon post paid with a Note 3 and paying $50 a month with 2 others for 12gb of data that we share.

    1. should had tried metro

      1. MEtroPCS doesn’t have a very strong signal around here.

    2. so who among you 3 is getting the corporate discounts?

      VSW shows that a shared plan with 3 smartphones and 12GB of shared data comes to $230 a month not including taxes and fees. comes to around $80 a person.

      edge will give you $20 off though, so that brings you down to $210. $70 per person.

      1. Maybe now but they got the plan several years ago and my brother left it so I joined in his place. He is likely getting a work discount from Northfolk tho. So yeah we all did not hop on it last month they have been on it for a few years.

  7. Verizon fails again. T-Mobile better send you guys a thank you for driving so much business to them.

  8. Just ditched T-Mobile for an at&t Sim I’m so happy with it and I’ve noticed they are generous with the data calculating so far I’ve used 328 mb and they have calculated as 46mb

    1. They are slow with the data honestly, it will catch up give it time. But for coverage and speed yeah at&t is awesome, I have tried all the others and ended up back on at&t.

  9. 3 GB for $20 with 90-day expiration. Once again, purchased data does have an expiration date.
    So which is it? 90 day expiration or no expiration?

    1. Reread what you typed… the answer is there.

  10. Actually Verizon thinks, it has best coverage so he want price for that !! Otherwise there are so many other prepaid options as low as $15…

  11. I switched to at&t’s GoPhone with a Nexus 5 after being with Verizon for eons. So far, couldn’t be happier.

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