Samsung to hook Galaxy S5 owners up with over $500 worth of premium apps and subscriptions


samsung galaxy gifts

Samsung’s always included some pretty good incentives for buying their flagship smartphones, whether it be credit to buy movies and music or extra storage space for Dropbox. They’re taking things to a whole new level for the Samsung Galaxy S5 launch, though, as the company has announced over $500 worth of premium apps and subscriptions.

Dubbed Samsung Galaxy Gifts, there’s a little bit here for everyone. The list is massive so let’s just jump right into it:

  • Runkeeper: 1-year premium subscription ($20 value)
  • Lark: 1-year premium subscription ($36 value)
  • Skimple: 6-month premium subscription ($42 value)
  • Map My Fitness: 6-month premium subscription ($36 value)
  • Wall Street Journal: 6-month subscription ($160 value)
  • Bloomberg Businessweek+: 1-year subscription ($30 value)
  • Paypal: $50 in special offers when buying from your favorite stores using Paypal
  • LinkedIn: 3-month premium subscription ($75 value)
  • Blurb: $5 coupon to create your own book
  • EasilyDo Pro: Free download ($5 value)
  • Cut the Rope 2: $10 of in-game credit
  • Flick Dat: Free download ($2 value)
  • Box: 50GB extra storage for 6 months ($60 value)
  • Bitcasa: 1TB extra storage for 3 months ($30 value)
  • Evernote: 3-month premium subscription ($15 value)

It’s no surprise to see Samsung has more fitness apps than anything else on this list considering their continued commitment to promoting healthy lifestyle. You might not need anything and everything on this list, but it’s free so be sure to give them a shot once you get your Galaxy S5 in-hand (which should be happening as early as April). Be sure to find all the full details over at Samsung’s site.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. To bad they didn’t throw in a nice replacement battery cover for that ugly dimple cover… Maybe the Paypal $ can be used for that.

    1. > Paypal: $50 in special offers when buying from your favorite stores using Paypal

      What do you wanna bet that the ‘special offers’ are for craptacular things that you would never have considered buying without prompting?

      1. Whaddya mean? You don’t want 25% off scented candles from Bed,Bath&Beyond, or $10 off your first Extra-Sweaty Yoga lesson?

        1. Depends, what scent are the candles??? ;-)

        2. No, I really don’t.

  2. To me they are just bunch of bloatwares.

  3. they all suck , no one uses those services

  4. Nothing I use, 10$ in gameplay is all I like l, lol, and that’s not enough to make me want a Samsung

  5. I am all for this as long as it’s not bloating the software. The ability to remove Flipboard out of the box would be nice. I should not have to root to get rid of crappy and useless software.

    1. Flipboard is pretty useful. All the other Samsung default apps – no.

  6. mostly junk or short term subscriptions. Same crapware Windows has forced on us for years.

  7. while we’re at it, whats the big deal with the heart rate monitor? There have been apps that do this for years. Instant Heart Rate Monitor for one. I like Samsung, but do people really fall for these gimmicks? Ohhh yeah, I guess so. The same group who retweeted Ellen’s photo last night. Now there’s a good reason NOT to use twitter.

    1. They’re tailoring to every market. If the phone has a built in function, I have this thought that it works better than any app.

      Is that true? Not an argument I’m willing to have. LoL!!

  8. When i get cloud storage I really wanna make sure I have it for more than 3 months…

    1. Guess this is the new normal. The old 2-year dropbox promo might be gone for good. Silver-lining: 50GB also might be the new base amount soon anyway as tech progresses exponentially.

  9. Or you could buy a Galaxy S4 or G2 for on contract for free.

  10. Still an ugly phone. HTC m8!

    1. I actually thought the GS4 looked cool with that metallic strip. It could just be I like shiny things, but I highly doubt that.

      The GS5 doesn’t look bad, though. It may be a bland look, but it’s a cool bland. Not a boring rectangle. It has style to it. I can’t really explain it.

  11. what??

    no sweater?


  12. depending on the price for virgin mobile i might think about this one

  13. That’s all basically worthless for me since almost all of them are limited deals.
    I’d trade it all in for $50 in Google Play store credit (like I got with my Note 3)….or, more than 8GB usable storage on the 16GB GS5!

  14. Why’s DropBox missing from that new list?

    All of those new promo subscriptions are pretty boring and last less than 1 year, while the “old” DropBox promo (the only one a lot of people care about really) lasts 2 YEARS, and came with the S3, S4, Note3 (and others).

    (As a side note: My S3 DropBox promo is about to expire in a couple months. When I activated DropBox on my new Note3 (running TouchWiz before CM) the expiration wasn’t extended, so either it’ll automatically be extended at rollover, or, I’ll lose my extra storage (and backups?!) for a couple days before I have to manually roll back to TouchWiz, and re-register with the included DropBox to add another 2 years. Anyone actually know how this works? XDA wasn’t any help.)

    1. Another actually useful promo that came with my Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 was a $25 Google Play Card. I would love another one of those at least!!

    2. Ooo!! I need to check that. LoL!! Though my Dropbox promotion activated with my HTC One. So I should have a-whole-nother year. Should…

      I don’t remember any promotions with the S2. Unless it had some JB upgrade promotions. Unless that was Google Drive… I think that was Drive… Hmm…

  15. I was so hyped for this phone…. and it sucks. i would have rather they taken all that coupon cash that I next need nor want and dropped in an extra gb of ram and/or stock wireless charging capabilities.

    I guess Sammy ain’t getting my cash, nor my reccomendations to anyone this time around.

  16. Mehn no thanks.

    Why don’t they just give you a $500 play store card? That’ll really turn some heads

  17. Yeah, $500 worth of bloatware… oh wait.

  18. Unless Box now allows you to upload more than 250MB at once, it’s useless to me. Where am I going to put my phone backups at now? I don’t want them laying around on my computer. =.[

    And what’s that other stuff? Samsung is really trying to tailor to those that work out. Well… I did notice this odd trend in Q4 last year of a lot, and I mean A LOT, of people suddenly going to the gym.

    1. Use mega for storage. It’s encrypted, free 50 gig and a ridiculously high file size limit. I have about 20 gigs of nandroid backups.

  19. Subscriptions? All pretty much useless unless you keep paying after the 6 months or whatever is up. Pass.

  20. Cool….more bloatware!

  21. You used to get 50 GB of Dropbox for 2 YEARS for free

    IMO, that’s better than all of this bull combined

  22. Do you smell/see Desperation……
    Thanks Samsung but no thanks. Normal smartphone users don’t care those 3 months or so subscription. Marketing gimmick to suck you in and than you pay for subscription further down even don’t care to use and forget to cancel. So, why not Samsung make it simple. Send rebate check or Play store credit back to you. At the high price, this phone for normal user, as good as Galaxy S4. Plus it comes with boat load of bloatware that most normal samsung smartphone users hate but can’t do much to get rid-off.

    So, galaxy S5 without Wov factor to pay high price, best bet is to wait out only few months to see HTC, Apple offerings.. But there are always early adopters(suckers!) for S5.

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