Samsung Chromebook 2 official, brings decent specs for decent price


Ready for a new Chromebook option? The latest comes from Samsung, who has launched their second generation Chromebook for those looking for something a bit different (and cheaper) than typical notebook experiences. The Samsung Chromebook 2 will come in two sizes: one will stretch 11 inches at 1366 x 768, while the other is increased to about 13 inches and also comes with a 1920 x 1080 resolution.

samsung chromebook 2 7

The only other difference is only in price, with the smallest option slated for a $320 price point, and the bigger one coming in at just $80 more. So what are you getting for all those bucks?

  • Octacore Exyno processor, the same one found in certain variants of the Samsung Galaxy S5 (1.9GHz for 11-inch, 2.1GHz for 13-inch
  • 4GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage
  • Bluetooth 4.0, 1x HDMI, 1x USB3.0, 1x USB 2.0, microSD multi-reader slot
  • 8.5 hours of battery life and a 720p HD webcam

Also obvious is the new design language — they’ve gone with the same stitched fake-leather backing that we saw on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It looks quite nice from where we’re sitting, though we’ll have to get our dirty paws on it to see how we like it in person.

Samsung’s also touting over $100 in premium services, including a year’s worth of premium membership to AirDroid for managing your Android device over-the-air, Wunderlist Pro for organizing your tasks, and for learning English.

While beautiful, powerful devices like the Chromebook Pixel are great for showcasing the sheer power of Chrome OS, it’s these more affordable options by the likes of Samsung that have helped push Chromebooks to the bit of growth it’s already seeing. The platform soared to the tune of owning 21% of notebook market share in 2013, which is no small feat.

Let’s hope even more of that growth is in-store for 2014, with other manufacturers hopefully jumping into the fold.It’s all headed our way this April, though Samsung didn’t have any solid date to offer just yet.

[Samsung via ChromeSpot]

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  1. “the larger option slated for a $320 price point, and the bigger one coming in at just $80 more.”

    Larger and bigger?

    1. it sounds as if the 13″ is $320 and since it’s supposed to be $80 more than the smaller system, the 11″ is $240?

      1. I read it as $320 and $400, but either way it needs an editor to go back and clarify/fix.

        1. I looked elsewhere for the actual numbers due to this rare error by Phandroid. According Samsung’s press release, it’s
          11″ – $319.99
          13″ – $399.99
          I think that’s a bit much for what you get. Toshiba’s 13.3″ Chromebook is $299.99 ($100 cheaper) and has a Haswell-based Celeron. However, it’s 2GB (more than adequate for a Chromebook) and a 1366×768 display.

          HP’s Chromebook 14 has a slightly larger display, an Intel CPU, and 4GB of RAM at Walmart for $349.99.

          These Sammy Chromebooks need to come down to $250/$350 to be considered.

      2. If they have a $240 price-point, then I’d consider one.

  2. Sammy’s really going crazy with the faux leather. Gonna have to kill a lot of faux cows. But I might have to pick this up.

    1. At least the didn’t make these out of 100% recycled Band-Aids

  3. Im mr Ballmer from microsoft. I hate Samsung and Google and LG

    1. Ballmer already left microsoft.

  4. samsung putting leather on everything now. what’s next? fridge and washers?

    1. And TVs as wel.l hard plastic fake leather everywhere until they hate it

  5. I think $400 is too much for a non-touchscreen device.

    1. I would have liked this to be touchscreen, I liked the spec’s, ok a bit overpriced, but not being a touchscreen device is more or less a deal breaker for me.

  6. I’ll wait for performance tests but no Haswell makes this hard to care about for now. Especially when the C720 is out for $250.

    1. The Exynos in the first ARM Chromebook ran pretty well. It will be interesting to see how the performance of this updated chip compares with the Haswell. They one big advantage of the ARM is no fan, and thus no moving parts whatsoever.

  7. Way too much $$.

    1. I agree. I am a big advocate for the benefit of the Chromebook line..however..when pushing $350+ it starts to lose its swagger..

      1. No kidding. I can get a Macbook Pro on Mac of All Trades for like $400. Would never consider a crippled notebook like this for anywhere near the same price.

  8. I really like that 13″ one. The longer battery life and better screen res are great improvements. Also 4GB RAM is key, lets you work with a ton of tabs.

    I just hope the new Exynos is better performance than the old one.

  9. my old man just copped the Series 3 for $220…he is gonna be’m still waiting on Asus Chromebox… and then I may get the HP Chromebook 11 as a portable option…

  10. so.. you always need a internet connection to use this right? and it only supports chome apps?

    1. No and no…ish. You have document support for offline use and you can also run a Linux build using crouton or chrombuntu. You may even be able to run wine and install windows programs if you absolutely need them.

      1. ah I see. thanks. I need to get a cheap netbook like windows machine for a family member. Do they make something like this but with windows and not too heavy/large? Trying to avoid a full laptop and higher prices.
        Pretty much they need a cheap *small* windows PC for their travels..

      2. What I’d like to know is if these Chromebooks are useful for administering android phones and tablets. Aren’t the drivers for many phones and tablets, especially Samsung, largely Windows and Mac only?

  11. Hmm… I was thinking about getting a Chromebook. Though I’d need an even smaller one, maybe. A 10-inch tablet with a dock is fine with me. I wanted something to replace my laptop when I go to school.

    All I use is MS Office and can remote into my laptop when using other programs. Though I’m about to graduate at the end of the year, so the investment doesn’t’ seem that wise. Hmm…

    1. You should give 11″ a go, I definitely wouldn’t want to go smaller than that for a notebook. Tempted by the 13″ for the 1080p display but not sure about the extra weight, I like how the smaller model can be carrier around without noticing it much.

    2. From what I’ve come across in a couple different sites and podcasts is that the on-screen keyboard and controls in ChromeOS are still in need of some work. But this was also people cobbling thigns together on Surface 2 Pros and whatnot, and not some Official yet-to-be-released Chrome tablet.

  12. to much $$…rather intel chip chromebook from hp or asus for cheaper

    and no pleather

  13. Still can’t for the life of me see why ChromeOS isn’t merged with Android. This is like Gingerbread and Honeycomb all over again.

  14. Does it have a touchscreen?

  15. I wish more chromebooks had the Intel Celeron option. I’d prefer that to the Exynos, but the 1080p PLS screen looks enticing.

  16. Dang. I saw this and sorta had my hopes up. I cracked my kids CB screen a bit back and kinda need to replace it for him but this is more than I was hoping to see when clicking in. Maybe ebay or CL for a used one is better deal..

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