Mar 3rd, 2014


It’s always a good day when you can enjoy the best of both worlds, but that luxury isn’t always available to us in the world of mobile devices. Only recently have tablets been able to come with multiple operating systems that the user can easily switch between. But what about phones? Thankfully, one Indian firm is about to address that.

Hot on the heels of Karbonn’s announcement that they’ve secured a licensing deal from Microsoft to make Windows phones, the Indian company revealed that they’ll be looking to introduce a smartphone that can boot both Android and Windows Phone on the same device. There aren’t many details about the device right this moment, though we know they’ll be targeting a June 2014 launch.

Karbonn’s track record seems rather solid, with the company maintaining a lengthy line of affordable Android phones and tablets for sale in their home turf of India. They certainly aren’t the most amazing phones out there, but they seem to have established themselves as a very capable company that India natives can be proud of with this innovative step.

There are many questions to be had, for sure. Will this work? Will this work well? How easy is it for the user to switch between Android and Windows? What kind of specs will it have? We don’t even have a name for the thing yet, so we’re still a bit of ways away from having even a fraction of those questions answered. Still, we couldn’t be more excited to see a manufacturer tackling this challenge.

There is one question we can ask all of you, though: would you buy one? I know I’ve always been intrigued by Windows Phone, though its immature apps marketplace and a lack of diverse options in the ecosystem have made me hesitant to give it a solid shot. This could definitely be the one device with a “window” big enough for me to climb through and see what the other side has to offer. Hit up the poll below to let us know if you’d be willing to grab one of these (assuming the price isn’t anything to worry about).

[via India Times, TechnoStall]

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