All new HTC One leaked in new photos; HTC teases BoomSound on the New One on video


new htc one leak 2

Mobile World Congress is dying down and all the big announcements are out of the way, but there’s still one big announcement we’re waiting on in the near future. We’re talking about HTC, of course, who is expected to reveal the all new HTC One — also known as the HTC M8 — on March 25th. We’ve been doused in links for the past few weeks, and yet another has come our way courtesy of a member over at HardForum.com.

The photos don’t show us anything we don’t already see, though the poster was eager to give us their impressions. They note that it’s noticeably thinner than the HTC One, it’s insanely fast, and the front and rear camera were “amazing.” Unfortunately they didn’t get a chance to try out the dual cameras on the back. The poster also noted some major bugs, though those are to be expected for such an early unit.

new htc one leak

With that, HTC also teased BoomSound on the “All New HTC One,” except the company didn’t actually show the device. They blurred it out, natch, leaving us to our own devices to figure out what it is.

Of course, we already know — you’re looking at the thing in the photos above — but let’s let them have their fun. They did seem to insinuate that the front-facing stereo BoomSound speakers on the New One have been upgraded with some sort of new technology, but they also masked those details behind a garbled audio track. We’re counting down the days until March 25th, folks, so it won’t be long before we’re let in on all the official deets. Check the video and photos out above.

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  1. Bezel is a deal breaker sorry htc , I wanted to upgrade but the bezel kills it for me, I’ll stick with my nexus 5. Since the gs4 is even more disappointing and ugly

  2. Global terrorism. Religious Extremism. Unfeasibly large bezels.

    When will mankind hit back against these three satans?


    ……..ok I’ve calmed down now. Xperia z2 it is then.

  3. This thing better have a great battery in it!

  4. I imagine the huge bezel is for screen connectors, etc. Most phones use that space that is filled with huge speakers on the HTC One for the connectors.

  5. HTC!! ..what have you done ?… What’s going on with that bezel ???? You had to find away to screw this one up eh…LG G2/LG G3 here me come ..

    1. Lol ! bezel it’s slim but he have a silicon case !

  6. It’s all I’m saying…..

  7. why the bezel? HTC, “Less Bezel Guys!!!!!!!”

  8. Looks great to me… I don’t think the bezels are THAT huge and not that big of a deal.

    1. Finally someone with some good sense if the bezels are utilized for a feature such as the speakers I don’t see what the issue is

      1. it’s really that giant black bar at the bottom that serves no purpose other than advertising the htc logo that’s annoying. It means the visible display is off-centre on the handset.

        1. I see the concern and I’ll be the first to admit I am no hardware engineer but surely there’s something underneath that serves some kind of purpose right? I doubt they said ” let’s just slap a big fat bar here with our logo on it for shameless advertising! They put a big enough logo on the back

          1. Actually, I think that is exactly what they did.

        2. Dude :D

          of course they place that bezel there for advertising, who wouldn´t?.

          No. Now back reality:
          The device is thinner
          The device features some new parts like a dual back camera
          A (probably) bigger front camera
          Better and eventually bigger speakers
          Bigger display

          And all that should be combined with a ~3000mah on a device of the size of the m7? No way! They simply need the space. There is no air behind it, it´s fully of hardware components.

          1. Of course it is full of hardware components. But then the place where the logo is, could have been used for display as well. The bigger the display, the better (for webbrowsing, videos, gaming, everything).

          2. The display itself also needs space, you can´t just put a bigger display in the device.

    2. Come on man

  9. I think everyone that has posted a comment about the large bezel is making an enormous deal out of it for no reason. Wait till the device comes out, and it is actually in your hand before claiming it a bad device because of said bezel.

    1. It’s a large part just light-hearted humour. But let’s be honest, the bar is always being raised in technology land…..if htc want people to buy a new handset when there’s is perfectly adequate they have to make it worthwhile.

      Tech wise we are in a post-iphone world where tech/art converge and people want the products to look the part. The ‘Jony Ive Effect’ means people (and I think this is a good thing) want a product that not only functions well but looks beautiful.

      I hate bezel on both phones and tv’s because the smaller the bezel the more the look of the screen as ‘floating’ which is slick and attractive to the eye.

      I get your point though. Mega 1st world problems.

      1. well said!

      2. The thinner the bezel, the more likely the screen will break if it is drop on it corner, the bezel is like a chassis of a car the bigger the chassis the more impact it can absorb, in square trade ranking of breakage low being better the S4 score a 7 and the htc one score a 4.5.

        1. It’s a good about the bezel being a possible buffer to screen damage but if you have a good case (which everyone that values their devices should) the bezel can be super-small. Look at the LG G2. Almost no bezel.

          1. *a good point*

        2. most of us dont drop our phones. And also… HTC’s rumored screen fixing service.

          also, you’ve posted the whole thinner bezel = easier break on like every single HTC One article recently. Do you work for HTC? :O

    2. True. Look at the LG G Flex. No bezel and the phone is *still* gargantuan. The phone looked like it would be alright to hold. Nope!! I was horribly wrong.

  10. Nice. Cant wait to see it.

  11. Why would a T-Mobile store have a production unit this early?

    1. why wouldnt they? Its a phone, not a national treasure.

      1. Because it hasn’t even been announced yet.

        I never said it was a national treasure, but it seems a bit odd for an unannounced phone to be in a retail store, especially almost a month before the assumed official announcement.

  12. That case on the phone looks kind of neat

  13. bezels eh? Phones have become a fashion item

  14. I can’t believe they are sticking with that black bar at the bottom, I was hoping it was a hoax…I guess it’s LG for me this yr..

    1. It bugs you that much?

      1. It only bothers me in the case that it would be difficult to text in landscape with the stock keyboard.

        Though I’m sure it’s not truly an issue.

      2. I have to admit that gigantic black bar with HTC written on it was unnecessary. If people are all with losing 3/4″ of screen real estate to something that’s slapped onto the screen itself for advertising I don’t want to agree with them.

  15. Chris I have a question. Do you know if the 60hrs of music is a KitKat feature (so will it be on the HTC one)? Or is it a KitKat and nexus 5 combo feature with the snapdragon 800?

  16. The more I see it, the more it grows on me. Can’t wait to actually hold it and see how it feels. I don’t care for the HTC logo taking up space – hoping maybe that allows for a much larger battery. Otherwise, I can’t see a point in the wasted space. But still, it looks so much better than the S5 Band-Aid

  17. I don’t understand whats up with the bezel comments… I’m guessing they are Samsung lovers and just have to find something to hate on the counterpart. HTC makes amazing phones both hardware and their software overlay. This phone will find it’s way into my pocket just like the One did.

    1. For me, the front facing speakers are fantastic and that area does not bother me one bit, but i don’t want to ALSO stare at a huge black bar that has no use but to serve as a background for a logo.

      1. I’m fairly sure it also serves as a place for internal components. That’s one of the side effects of dual front facing speakers…you need a bezel to place components that other companies put behind the place where the second speaker is on the One.

        1. True, but I just feel like it’s lazy design. It’s their job to tackle that problem in a more aesthetically pleasing way.

        2. Then why don’t they make the screen bigger and put the components under it, like LG does with their G2?
          The front of a modern Smartphone has to consist of DISPLAY, (Front Speakers are nice), earpiece, camera + sensors and as little bezel as it needs to hold it. Everything else looks 2012ish.

          1. Maybe the components are different. Remember they’re using a built-in amplifier. That could have something to do with it.

  18. I know these are blurry pics, purported to be of a phone that has yet to be released…but that does not look good.

  19. I don’t like the bezel either. Maybe there is a fingerprint sensor on it, who knows? It wouldn’t surprise me if they just put it there for advertising. HTC needs as much visibility as possible so when the device appears in pictures on the web or people see someone’s device they will know it is an HTC and I don’t blame them for that. From all the leaks so far, if real, it looks like the OG One looks better to me. I like the more squared/rounded edges on the OG One as well as the injection molded sides with chamfered metal edges. I don’t know how well the antennas will work with all metal on the sides and just plastic on top for RF reception but I’m sure their RF engineers knew what they were doing. Kinda wish they just stuck with the OG One design with a larger screen and updated hardware & software…

    1. I agree. The 1st one looks better to me than these pics, so far. But I will save my official opinion until the actual phone is released and I get to see it and play with it, in person.

  20. OMG!!!! The bezel!!!! Its so damn big!! WAHHHHH WAHHHHHH…….

    You guys are all ridiculous. Its a damn phone, if you dont like it, dont buy it.

    1. Right? Lmfao

    2. We’re not whining. We’re stating a fact. The black bar with the HTC logo is a waste of screen real estate (which affects everything you use the device for) and it’s just plain unattractive. Anyone who disagrees either really doesn’t care or that person is disagreeing just to be deliberate.

      1. ok? So don’t buy it then? Why do you need to whine and complain? They added a bar with the HTC logo. Deal with it.

  21. Move the power button to the side (where it belongs on a phone this large), ditch the HTC tramp stamp and maybe we’ll talk next year… If you’re not out of business.

    1. Tramp stamp. Best description of the black bar with HTC written on it ever.

  22. I cannot wait for the release. I’m hoping for great things from those speakers and the dual cameras. Fingers crossed!

    1. Yea. I wanna see what’s up with these dual speakers.

  23. What’s the size of the battery is my question…

    1. I am keeping my fingers crossed that its at least 3000mah.

    2. rumors so far point to a 2900mah, which is pretty amazing if this phone is thinner than last year’s model. i’m guessing the overall width and height will have to increase somewhat to accommodate the bigger battery.

  24. I’m sick of the back speakers in my s3, I’m sold on the new HTC.

    1. the front speakers are quite handy at times.. (Music and even voice nav instructions in the car are very clear)

    2. I have to admit the front speaker sound better

  25. I am off and on about this phone, I was hoping it wouldn’t get any taller than the One already is but larger phones are the trend so it’s either adapt or stick with what you got. Overall if it’s faster, boomsound has improved, and it takes better pictures, I am sold and will use my Jump to upgrade to this. Black wasted space and all

  26. Both Samsung and HTC struck out with these latest iterations. So far, Sony seems like they’re on pace for device of the year.

    1. If you say so, an upgrade processors and ram is kinda lazy.

      1. What were you expecting?

        1. New technologies, at least HTC is trying something new like the dual camera, the Z2 is a Z1R with a slightly upgraded processors and more ram.

          1. Samsung is including a finger-print scanner. New technology.

          2. I can’t tell if this is a joke or not.

            It’s not new technology, and expect Samsung’s execution to be crude at best.

    2. LG G3 has a chance to shine now more than ever.

    3. Considering the phone hasn’t been released yet. Some might consider your proclamation of failure on HTC’s part a tad premature.

  27. am I the only one that think HTC should have kept the scare shape of the original HTC one
    and but that logo on one of the speaker -____- ……well on to the next one will see what there are gonna do with the ALL NEW HTC ON MAX

    1. Oh no. Hail no. That phone was large already. That’s a tablet. I don’t care what anyone says.

      And the LG G Flex. I’m not going to discriminate. That phone is LARGE. Oh my gosh!! I saw one in person. LoL!!

      1. OK your right but athe screen to 5.5in for the new HTC one max minus the bezel with the logo. And found a great idea to where they can but there logo
        : Make the speaker grille spell HTC using the holes

  28. Oh No DaT bEzEl. My lyFE iZ oV3r. ! : (

    1. Hey, swagfag. Either learn to spell or die knowing you’re the reason people have no faith in humanity.

      1. Ha. I do know how to type. It was comment mocking all of the menstrating dorks that were complaining about a phone’s appearance, such as yourself. You’re douchery is why people have no faith in humanity, Henri.

        1. wow. that was one of the best replies ive seen in awhile. props to you sir.

          1. Lol don’t encourage my bad behavior

  29. Ok yes the bezels suck but I’m more concerned with the battery life. I need all day battery life.

    1. Then get an s4. Turn off all the BS touchwiz crap. I am a heavy user and can get a full day easily.

      1. I’ve had Samsung phones forever. I’m ready for something a bit different. I wish Motorola would bring over the RAZR Maxx series to tmobile.

        1. I wish they’d bring the RAZR MAXX HD to Canada. Would have bought it in a heartbeat instead of my S3 about 18 months ago.

        2. If it’s an Lte phone its unlocked for domestic GSM as I am using a LG G2 Verizon on GSM Straighttalk

      2. How the heck do you do that? I have everything turned off on my S4, and struggle to get 12 hours. I never use it for games, just chat, surfing, and random toilet fiddling.
        I am actually perfectly fine with that bottom bezel. As I’ve written before, my large palms often brush against the bottom of my S4 starting up Poweramp which I have in the far right of the dock. Annoying as heck.
        I find width to be more of a hindrance than height.

        1. Install a launcher. Disable stuff like S-voice among other things.

          1. I did that a long time ago. Running Nova currently. It still doesn’t run smoothly. One still shouldn’t need to do these things to make their phone work as it was meant to anyway.

      3. Actually, get a Moto X… Nexus like updates, a lot cheaper, with more features, like 2 day battery life if you are careful.

  30. If this phone is no taller than the HTC One, then I won’t mind that black bar. But if it’s longer, then IDK…

    Then again, if it’s a 5-inch screen, I may be content. Hmm…

    I just need to hold the phone and see how it is. Hopefully things are fine.

  31. These companies place their logos on the front as if we’ll forget what phone we own.

  32. I’m hoping for 3200 mah at least on this thing! If not maybe I’ll go with the butterfly s!

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