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new htc one leak 2

Mobile World Congress is dying down and all the big announcements are out of the way, but there’s still one big announcement we’re waiting on in the near future. We’re talking about HTC, of course, who is expected to reveal the all new HTC One — also known as the HTC M8 — on March 25th. We’ve been doused in links for the past few weeks, and yet another has come our way courtesy of a member over at HardForum.com.

The photos don’t show us anything we don’t already see, though the poster was eager to give us their impressions. They note that it’s noticeably thinner than the HTC One, it’s insanely fast, and the front and rear camera were “amazing.” Unfortunately they didn’t get a chance to try out the dual cameras on the back. The poster also noted some major bugs, though those are to be expected for such an early unit.

new htc one leak

With that, HTC also teased BoomSound on the “All New HTC One,” except the company didn’t actually show the device. They blurred it out, natch, leaving us to our own devices to figure out what it is.

Of course, we already know — you’re looking at the thing in the photos above — but let’s let them have their fun. They did seem to insinuate that the front-facing stereo BoomSound speakers on the New One have been upgraded with some sort of new technology, but they also masked those details behind a garbled audio track. We’re counting down the days until March 25th, folks, so it won’t be long before we’re let in on all the official deets. Check the video and photos out above.

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