The “all new HTC One” leaks again; this time in silver and gray


There’s something to be said about the fact that we’re seeing more leaks about a phone scheduled to be announced more than a month from now than devices that we should be seeing in less than a week. That’s what’s going on with the “all new HTC One,” though.

htc one gray

Yesterday, we got a look at the first clean press render of the device, with familiar sources giving us a taste pf what it looks like in gold. Today, two new colors have been leaked — grey and silver. It’s quite the odd pairing considering they’re kind of close on the color scale, but we won’t complain about too many options when there often aren’t enough.

Of course, there could be even more cool colors planned for this big release. For starters, we’re still expecting to see a tone closer to what was introduced on the original HTC One (which wasn’t exactly white, but not quite as dark as the options you see above and below).

Unfortunately that’s about all that we expect to change at this point. And yes, that means the dreaded HTC logo at the bottom of the device unnecessarily taking up space won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. You’ll just have to deal with it if you really want this phone. Circle back March 25th when this device is expected to be officially unveiled.

htc one silver

[via @evleaks, 2]

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The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Oooooooh… I like what I’m seeing. If I get this phone, I’ll more than likely get the black (grey) one. :)

    1. Ditto! That dark grey is beautiful. The top bezel seems smaller than the other leaks, and Im just gonna ignore how far down the bottom speaker is.

      1. Hah, you’re right. And that bottom speaker grille is a different height in each shot. Also, the contrast looks different on the couple… as if you know, someone forgot to freeze that area while they were diddling with the effects on the rest of the image :)

    2. Ditto

    3. I dont know…that silver one is very Delorean-ish!

    4. That black one is going to be tough to turn on w/o a power button though.

      1. thats obviously the Knock Code edition All New One

      2. This is off-topic, but I’d like to see someone make a concept phone without any external ports or buttons; a completely sealed chassis. Buttons for power and volume could be replaced with capacitive buttons and features like Knock On and charging could be accomplished via wireless charging. I don’t know how practical it’d be, but it’d certainly be an interesting concept.

        1. Can’t seal off the microphone ports, obviously, but (slower) wireless charging could replace the USB port, and crappier Bluetooth could replace the 3.5mm headphone jack.

          Also, not sure how well a case could transmit touch to the capacitive buttons

  2. Oh ok, well let me start off by saying DAM!!!!!! That gun metal makes the “all new one” look “ALLLLL RIGHT” but still the bottom bezel could still be s lil smaller

  3. I don’t really mind the “dreaded” HTC logo tbh that won’t make or break it for me. HTC has something up their sleeves I just know it. I see the camera being the main factor here since the 4 ultra pixel on the one wasn’t that great, so I’m guessing this camera will be phenomenal . I have the silver HTC One and would probably get the grey one when I get this phone. A white one would be cool to imo. We’ll just have to see.

  4. Screen better be bigger… I feel like 5in won’t be enough for some reason

  5. The grey one is very nice looking. I love the One (still using it) and will likely love the New One.

  6. damn that bezel!

  7. Why are the bottom speakers in different places. Looks lower on the black model than the grey. Is someone is playing with Photoshop, or is it just me. I’m less convinced that this is official.

    1. Good eye dude

    2. Nope you’re right about that

    3. ITS OFFICIAL!!!

  8. One of those has a power button the other does not.

    1. Look on the bottom on each phone too. On the lighter silver you can clearly see the headphone jack hole on the bottom. I don’t see any cutout or port in the darker grey.

    2. ITS REAL for god sakes.

  9. why are the LED lights different on both phones? these are fake…..

    1. These are most likely pre-production renders.

  10. I guess the silver doesn’t look too bad.

  11. Hopefully these are fake and that useless black bar is not there on the real one.

    1. Yeah, useless non-functional space artificially inflating the size of the device is definitely a big turn-off.

      Seems like they were too cheap to afford a smaller screen.

  12. Whats the difference between someone’s render of the m8 versus an actual leak of the m8?

    1. The general hope is that the bottom bezel will not be as large as it is, I think this is the general look of the phone but the screen placement and bottom bezel and such are not legit. Just a little bit of hope talking there.

    2. These are renders created by official sources (HTC), not just anyone’s render. Also, when devices leak in the wild, we can never be sure if it’s merely an early prototype, or something further along the lines of production.

      To me, leaked (official) renders like this are more telling them leaked pics of the device in the wild.

  13. Oooooooooooooooohh, renders………..

  14. hopefully there’s a Google play edition.

    1. I was initially hoping that too when rumors said they were going to software buttons, but there’s just way too much bezel. That HTC logo kills it, but even the bezels flanking the screen and above it are larger than necessary. Should have been edge to edge and expand from the top speaker to the bottom speaker.

      1. I’d have to wait until I hold it in person. either way, HTC makes great-looking, sturdy devices. I’m sure this one will be no different.

        1. This is actually true. The LG G Flex didn’t look large on pictures, but that phone is LARGE. Like WTF!? I seen that at Tmo and I was like “No.”

  15. This has to be fake…

    For one, the grey colored H1 has no power button, and it lacks a back mic hole. Also, why are these brushed finished when the gold colored H1 was just shiny? With the poorly rendered camera hole on the silver H1 that looks exactly the same as the gold, there is too many inconsistencies for me to call this legit. This is most likely a fan-made rendered of how the H1 will look with a brushed finish.

    1. If this was like 4 months ago, I’d say sure. But this is @evleaks — he has insiders. He doesn’t just blindly grab fan renders from online, watermark, then post.

      Sure there are inconsistencies, but perhaps these are just early product renders. I’m sure they’ll be touched up some more before release.

      Expect that brushed aluminium type finish (HTC’s gotta make the One 2014 different from the 2013 model somehow).

      1. Or maybe even the possibility that these were test renders that got thrown out when HTC decided that the black bar on the bottom made it look wonky with the two rows of actions stacked on top ? ^.^

        Seriously though, from the way I read your post, you’re saying yes, this was an official leak from within HTC, but that doesn’t necessarily mean this is what they went with, right?

        1. I like your way of thinking. It gives humanity hope.

      2. I would agree with you that this is early product renders. And that brushed finished is amazing

    2. Its not fan made. Its the real deal. Get a grip.

    3. Even official pictures are renders – they don’t use photos.

  16. I like the look of the dark gray one. Though this silver (more like a black ice silver) is really nice too.

  17. I think the silver is nicer because it looks more modern, the black looks boring and unoriginal. But, I personally don’t enjoy black phones. It is harder to notice those damn bezels on the black one though…

    Aside from cosmetics, the phone better be a beast. I was disappointed with the One performance wise even though it was (is?) gorgeous. And the camera was not as great as they boasted it to be. Hopefully HTC has learned and made it perfect. (:

  18. That’s a nice looking phone.

  19. I was hoping for a tone similar to the HTC One 2013. (We calling it that now, right?)

  20. Jeez, Silver AND Gray? What comes next, Cobalt?

  21. These images are obvious photoshops. Please update the article name to reflect this so as to not mislead people. Thanks.

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