Feb 5th, 2014

HTC One Plus M8 front 2

Earlier today, we got what appeared to be a fairly good look at the back of the HTC M8 (aka One 2, One Plus), dual cameras and all. While the jury is still out on that particular photo’s legitimacy, some new pics of the M8 were posted on a Russian site, this time giving us a clear look at what could be the front of the M8. And really, that’s all she wrote. All we can say is this is pretty much how the M8 — which is said to look strikingly similar to the original HTC One — appears in our dreams. But is it real?

HTC One Plus M8 front 1

We should point out the fact that in one image, the device shows the rumored display buttons. Checks out. But wait — in the other pic, from a slightly different angle, you’ll notice they aren’t present. So, how the heck does HTC think we’re going to quickly access back, home, and multitasking on the homescreen if they disappear? Makes us question if this “leak” is legit, or simply another elaborate hoax. What do y’all think?

[Mobiltelefon.ru | via Phone Arena]

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