BBM for Android now available for Gingerbread users



BBM for Android’s big 2.0 upgrade brought tons of new features, but unfortunately for those not on Android 4.0 or higher it isn’t available for download. Thankfully another group of the Android-owning herd is now able to get in on what’s quickly shaping up to be a serious messaging platform on Android. BBM is now available for those on Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

It’s not surprising to know Blackberry wants to invite Gingerbread users into the experience considering it still holds a major piece of the Android platform market share. As of February, Gingerbread users still accounted for exactly 20% of Android’s market share, which is a pretty big chunk considering there are hundreds of millions of users with Android devices out there.

It’s unfortunate that so many folks are still confined to what’s now considered a legacy platform, but we’re glad developers aren’t willing to totally shun them out of the latest and greatest that the Google Play Store has to offer. If, for whatever reason, you’re still on Gingerbread, and also happen to be interested in using BBM for Android, you can find the download in the Google Play Store right here.

[via Blackberry]

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  1. I don’t get it. With the demise of blackberry, how can BBM still be a thing?

    1. BBM is still a great messenger

    2. It’s just *Yet Another Instant Messenger* . You could say the same thing about skype, gchat, yahoo messenger, facebook messenger, icq, etc etc.

  2. If you’re using a phone that stuck on GB its time to upgrade.

  3. It’s a decent IM, fast, responsive, private, and quite secured. Skype is a battery drainer, Viber sold to Rakuten will soon be as cluttered as Line & kakaotalk. Bbm has more features than Whatsapp and free. It’s only drawback is RAM hogging which has been fixed for gingerbread devices. It’s still good to go until blackberry completely folds up.

  4. I’m all for more access but some people are in dire need of an upgrade. Don’t be a “butterphone”.

  5. yay!

  6. mmhmm… yea BBM, nice… anywhoooooo… go ahead and fire out an HTC M8 article, my body is ready…

  7. I like my GB phone – I don’t miss anything that won’t run on it. The limitation is the low internal storage not the OS, and I don’t install apps that won’t run from the microSD. I pay less per year for my phone than most users pay monthly.

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