Feb 13th, 2014

If BBM has yet to fall out of favor with you in terms of messaging apps, then you’ll want to listen up: a pretty big upgrade is headed our way. Most full version jumps tend to be underwhelming in this day and age, but Blackberry wanted to make sure BBM 2.0 blew everyone away. Let’s not even waste any time digging into the following list of new features:

  • BBM Voice: free voice calls between BBM users on Android, iPhone and Blackberry 10.
  • BBM Channels: public BBM groups for fans of specific topics to get together and chat. Available for users and businesses alike.
  • Location Sharing: powered by Glympse, you can share your location with whomever you want.
  • Improved photo, voice notes and other attachments
  • Dropbox integration for sending and receiving files to and from contacts
  • 100 new emoticons to choose from
  • Increased BBM group size: now up to 50 people

It sounds like Blackberry spared no expense in bringing this upgrade to the masses, though some contend they could be doing even better. Specifically, we’re still missing video-based features that those on Blackberry 10 have been enjoying for quite some time.


Those features include quick video messaging, as well as full-on Skype-esque video calls. Let’s hope our boys in Waterloo have some of that in store for what should be a great 3.0 update at some point down the line. In the meantime, stay on the lookout for the upgrade as Blackberry says it should be rolling out at some point later today. Get a look at the new goods in the video above.

[via Blackberry]

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