Check out this incredibly convincing HTC M8 render based on all the leaks


We love a good render. No, we’re not talking about those over-the-top concept images you find plastered all over the internets (although those can be fun too). We’re talking about renders so wonderfully crafted, you just might confuse them for the real deal. In fact, this is actually our reasoning behind this post, So that: 1. you know that this render making the rounds is not official — and 2. because we think it’s flippin’ awesome.

HTC M8 render based on leaks

Based on a variety of leaks, a talented XDA member with the handle Hamdir was able to create an incredibly convincing HTC M8 mockup in painstaking detail. Multiple sources factored in its creation, including the leak showing a more unibody design in the M8, the 3D carved model, a variety of M8 cases, and finally some alleged closeups of the back and front of the device. Put them together and you get this near-official looking render that, best guess, is probably what you can expect the when the M8 is finally unveiled in the near future.

One area to consider is the fact that the M8 will feature slightly more rounded corners (based on many leaks) and possibly thicker bezels. Some have commented that HTC could be making mistake by relying to heavily on the design of their previous offering. We don’t think so. Not only has the original HTC One aged gracefully, HTC is attempting to build a brand around this flagship design for greater recognition. Also, there’s enough differences in the hardware (dual-lens) that no one will mistake the M8 for last year’s model.

What do you guys think of this concept render?

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Now THIS is more like it Chris!! :D I’m salivating as we speak…

    1. Hoping HTC will announce an event date soon!

      1. Man who you telling

  2. i might switch back to htc if it looks like this. got the gs4 because i hated the button layout of the htc one, i really miss htc sense

    1. Button layout alone makes you want a different phone?

      1. Phones can pretty much do the same thing. it’s always the little things that make you want different phones.

      2. I also didn’t even consider the HTC One because of that and I ended up getting the Note 3

  3. I am overwhelmed with all the mock ups, renders,concepts, and leaks of the M8s,GS5s,G Pros, Nokia’s, at this point, I just want MWC to get here….

  4. Except the bottom bezel is about twice the size they have it as.

    1. Allegedly… I guess we’ll all find out soon, it’s final form may not even have the black htc bar at all.

      1. Wishful thinking.

  5. My OCD hates that the top speaker grille isn’t the same length as the bottom one. But whatever, still looks AWESOME.

  6. Boo to the bottom htc bezel. That is prime screen real estate space. But other than this the phone looks great

  7. Ok at first the black strip bugged me, but this mock up doesn’t look too bad, still I prefer that black strip not be there unless it have some secret purpose, like it can display some notifications like the moto x and not use a lot of juice, boy that would be sweet

    1. Agree. I would much prefer not to have that black strip there. Defeats the purpose of going with on-screen buttons. Makes no sense to have that thick of a bezel at the bottom of the screen.

      That being said, I could live with that narrow bezel at the bottom if it was only that thick, but considering the photo that has been making it on all of the Android blog shows the purported device with a much thicker bezel at the bottom, I’m thinking that this render might be more wishful thinking than reality without trying to escape too far from reality.

      1. I would despise HTC if they made the black strip at the bottom any thicker than this

  8. /Kanye no one phone should have all that bezel.

  9. There is a lack that is new and it don’t have the black bar

  10. They should get rid of that black bar and etch HTC into the speaker grill instead.

    1. Or put a notification LED behind the HTC logo.

  11. I find the sideways battery indicator to be weird :o

  12. Hoping for HTC to really come through this time the DNA was great but little support due to it being on useless Verizon. Then the one was too small. Only company making great phones other than HTC is Lg. Samsung would have to come out with such a ridiculous phone and a total revamped os for me to even consider it. Sense is king but HTC has been floundering too much lately I hope for a major comeback this year. Otherwise Lg g3 here I come.

  13. Still a little more bezel than I’d like but gorgeous render overall.

  14. I like that the line divides the navigation buttons from the dock. It looks really good.

  15. Too much bezel just for HTC logo.

  16. i like this one

    1. Translucent navbar? Hmm…

    2. I would be ecstatic if it looked like this, This is how the first One should have been.

  17. So this will be the One that drives the final death nail into HTC. Bye, nice knowing you.

  18. I want me some of that unibody

  19. This render looks fine. I think people are making too big a deal of the supposedly huge bezel. If HTC didn’t have the speaker grill at the top and bottom no one would say anything. I for one will be happy to own this… I hope Sense 6 brings all the bells and whistles this time around

    1. Well, obviously if it didn’t have huge bezels (for speakers or not) people wouldn’t complain about the huge bezels… duh.

  20. Waitng to see the final specs…. who wil l be my Valentine…. G2 Pro or M8, G2 Pro or M8… ooooh, I am so excited.

    1. I just wanted to make sure you knew the LG G Pro2 is not the successor to the LG G2. The G3 will be the G2 successor. G3 will be amazing. You’d probably want the M8 over GPro2

  21. I think I’m out of touch..(DESIGN WISE)… while I think this mock up is pretty sexy, I am finding that original designs are going by the wayside… I mean, this isn’t all that different from the One. And I’m guessing the S5 is not going to be all THAT different from the S4… etc etc.. Go ahead and down vote me if you like, but… if you’re going to tell me I’m wrong, then prove it. And remember, I’m just talking about the outward appearance of handsets.

    1. As long as the device has front-facing speakers, I don’t really care what it looks like.

      1. I love the front facing speakers..I really do. But are you saying that you would take a Zack Morris looking phone as long as it had those speakers? Further, would you take that same phone every year, as long as it had those front facing speakers?

        1. Oh? Zack Morris looking phone? I thought it would be implied if the phone resembled a more basic look that LG and Samsung are doing. LoL!!

          That’s what I mean. I was planning on getting the S4 and look at how that phone looks. Yea, the metallic strip on the side singles it out from the S3, but still, it’s pretty bland.

          Though, I’m figuring HTC is keeping their aluminum design. So I don’t care if the phone is the similar in design or they completely revamp it. I had the HTC G2 for two years and would keep it longer if I didn’t always play games on my phone.

          I don’t really care if my phone looks like it did last year, just keep the things that made me happy and I’ll be good. The front-facing speakers are what brought me to this phone.

  22. *Plot Twist*
    This device is actually a render of a new 7 inch tablet.

  23. dat bezel doesnt look so imposing in that render. If this is the final design i could live with it.

  24. Love it!

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