Moto G now available from US Cellular for $99 with no contract


Moto G US Cellular

When the Motorola Moto G first launched, there’s denying the little Android was quite the value. Offering a good enough amount of specs for the cheap off-contract price of $180, it’s no wonder many Android fans picked one up without thinking twice. The best part about the device is we saw it appear on pre-paid services like Verizon — offered completely off-contract — at an even deeper discounted $100.

Today, the Moto G arrives on US Cellular and like its Verizon cousin, the best budget Android you can buy will only set you back a measly $100, sans the contract (that’s almost half-off). The deal is only good when paired with one of US Cellular’s off-contract plans, like their new 500MB unlimited plan for $50. Coupled with the low-priced Moto G, that’s a pretty good deal for mild data munchers.

[US Cellular]

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  1. If Sprint got this, I’d talk my mother in law into getting one tomorrow.

  2. I’d snap this up if I could get $99 that I could use on Straight Talk.

    1. It’s coming to Aio Wireless for $150. Pretty nice discount on AT&T’s network (capped data speeds though).

  3. For those with Verizon, got an email from Fry’s Electronics that showed $89.99 for the Moto G, limited time from 2/7-2/13


  4. Hmm. “$20 or $50 activation fee required”. Why not offer it for free with “$120 or $150 activation fee”? Or just sell it for $120.

  5. My favorite part of this article is that I’m now even less likely to be a victim of click-bait-and switch (maybe). Perhaps a review of the term ‘contract’ is in order.

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