The war is over: HTC and Nokia make nice by signing patent licensing agreement


Nokia vs HTC

It’s an outcome we didn’t see coming (at least not this early on), but after countless courtroom losses, HTC is finally ready to throw in the towel. In a press release today by Nokia, the Finnish company has announced a new “technology and collaboration agreement” with HTC, ending any, and all, patent ligation between the two companies.

According to the presser, both companies will collab on HTC’s LTE patent portfolio as well as future “opportunities”. We can’t place a specific dollar amount on how much HTC will be paying Nokia to license their standards essential patents as the full terms of the agreement are “confidential”. HTC’s response?

“As an industry pioneer in smartphones with a strong patent portfolio, HTC is pleased to come to this agreement, which will enable us to stay focused on innovation for consumers.”

Good for them, and if you thought HTC should have kept fighting the good fight, keep in mind that they weren’t the first smartphone manufacture to buckle under Nokia’s pressure. Some might remember when Nokia and Apple both settled similar suits back in 2011.

[via WinSource]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Good. Now Nokia will become even more irelevant.

    1. Just wondering, if Nokia is irrelevant what does that make the company who had to settle with them?

      1. Non-existent?

        1. Your mother is non existent

          1. How old are you? That wasn’t close to being funny. Being that serious over this means you habe no life. Good luck to you!

      2. They have a very small market share and some very big patents… they can be irrelevant in terms of sales but still very relevant in patent claims.

      3. Hmm.. I like HTC but Joe makes a good point!

        1. nokia=microsoft = the biggest patenttroll ever

  2. I imagine that HTC told their Microsoft contact, “BTW, we have this new One+ phone coming out, what if we were to make a Windows version? Get Nokia off our back”.

  3. Cowards; Microsoft will fund its incapable WP forever from Android…..
    I hate rotten Microsoft

    1. These patents don’t have anything to do with Microsoft or WP, they were Nokia’s from before Microsoft bought them. While I’m not a fan of Microsoft either, I do hope WP stays around as competition is good for innovation. If Google and Apple have 98%+ of the market, they’ll compete and innovate for awhile, but eventually they’ll both settle in and stagnate. A viable third competitor (and preferably more) will keep them on their toes.

      1. No, Nokia is aggressive just because of Microsoft

    2. That’s the law. You have to pay for technology you copy.

      Thank you Google for making WP happen.

      1. No, Apple+ Microsoft just abuse the patent system so they are patenting wheel-like-patents that should never have been called “patents”

        1. Android didn’t even exist when Nokia had patents. What are you talking about?

          1. Tell this to Motorola, everyone would laugh at you ;)

          2. Lol, good one.

  4. I see Windows phones with dual speakers and one android phone with better capabilities they can pursue, better options in the future, people shut up, you will get better products when companies are allowed to play around and not worry about being sued

  5. Jeez… We want war! We’re goddamn Americans for Sam’s sake!

  6. Lame. WP wins at the end of it all. HTC is bending over in a lot of these cases, Apple was the last one to make them agree.

    It’s a good thing Samsung still fights the good fights, as does Google. Of course that both have deep pockets so they’re fine.

    1. This is what sux for HTC. They keep having to do these licenses and they’re already suffering. =.[

    2. i wouldnt exactly call this bending over. They’ve been fighting but they keep losing. It’s pointless to continue the fight when your devices keep getting banned while constantly losing money. Its better to just cross license because it will be cheaper for them in the long run. Let Samsung and Google duke it out for android because like you said, they have the pockets to.

    3. If stealing others’ IP if fighting the good fight for you, great! Samsung already renewed their cross-licensing agreement with NOKIA. As for Google, they’ve abandoned the fight and decided to handover MOTO to Lenovo at a huge loss – $2.9B for a company that they bought for $12B 2 years ago!!. So it’s up to Lenovo to fight for Moto but the loss is guaranteed.
      GO NOKIA!!
      Don’t let IP thieves eat your lunch!!!

      1. You do know that Nokia and WP are irrelevant in the current market. I was referring to the Apple lawsuits when I said that. Keep in mind Google kept all the patents needed from Moto. So they got patents, sold parts of the company when they first purchased it, AND sold a company that was still losing money. Seems Google didn’t lose anything.

        If you’re rooting for Nokia, the hell are you doing on an Android fan site? Go to the Nokia fan site, except I’m sure you don’t have one.

  7. HTC is really becoming the whore of the smartphone world…

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