Jan 31st, 2014

US Cellular 50 a month unlimited plan

US Cellular is introducing a new no-contract $50 unlimited plan. The plan offers customers unlimited talk, text and data… up to 500MB. After that, UCell says you can expect throttling. Okay, so this isn’t really for data hogs and we should note that US Cellular also offers another no-contract $50 a month plan, although that one is capped at 1GB (presumably with no throttling).

According to US Cellular, this 500MB throttling plan is only available for a limited time so you might want to hurry if you’re looking for affordable cellphone service without the commitment. Of course, you definitely have other options like the exact same plan on T-Mobile for $50 a month, or Straight Talk with unlimited talk, text and around 2.5GB of pre-throttled data on AT&T’s 4G LTE network for $45 a month.

[US Cellular]