Moto G coming soon to Aio Wireless, arrives Valentine’s Day for $150



Aio Wireless is looking to nab a few new customers on Valentine’s Day. Come February 14th, customers will have access to the Motorola Moto G at a discounted $150. It’s not as extreme a discount as the G on Verizon Wireless prepaid or US Cellular, but at least it’s something.

In addition to adding new devices to their lineup — the ZTE Sonata 4G is available today for $80 — Aio is also offering customers the opportunity to pick up lower rates on service plans. Customers willing to sign up with auto pay will see a $5 discount off their monthly service. Here’s exactly what Aio Wireless is offering as far as rates go:

  • Basic Plan: $35 (after auto pay credit) unlimited voice/text and 500MB of data
  • Smart Plan: $45 (after auto pay credit) unlimited voice/text and 2.5 GB of data
  • Pro Plan: $55 (after auto pay credit) unlimited voice/text and 5 GB of data

While Aio’s service plans may sound perfect on the surface, we should note that customers receive capped data speeds of up to 8Mbps for 4G LTE, and 4Mbps of 3G/4G HSPA+. That’s not horrible, but something you should consider before jumping in head first.

[Press Release | Aio Wireless]

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  1. No contract?? Watch out T-mobile!!!

  2. Wow they lowered their pricing! Very cool to see 2GB’s of AT&T service for only $45. I know Straight Talk had the same thing, but with the streaming restrictions this is much better.

    Too bad the Moto G isn’t LTE. I didn’t know they capped 3G to 4 Mbps though. That sucks.

  3. Moto G doesn’t even have LTE functionality. Why’d you write that as a con even though it’s not relevant to this deal?

    1. Who needs LTE, anyway? Planning on watching 2K videos while you’re walking outside or driving? Wi-fi is so common you only really need data for travel.

      1. Exactly! I get 15 Mbps average with my N4 on T-Mobile HSPA+21. If not on that I’m getting at least 40 Mbps at home and school. No need for LTE to give me the negligible 5 extra megs.

  4. I’ve been thinking about making the move to Aio with my Nexus 4. I’m currently on AT&T GoPhone, but I’d be saving about $20 on Aio and getting close to the same service albeit throttled.

    1. I’ve had my Nexus 4 on AIO since last September. I absolutely love it. Overall good service and even better is the great cell reception with usage of the AT&T towers. I’m in Texas and once you leave the city or the interstate highway system reception can be iffy or non-existent if you& don’t have AT&T service. AT&T itself is expensive, but AIO other than the reduced speed is like having AT&T without the high pricing and snobby service.

      I have a signal almost everywhere where others fail in rural areas including Verizon and their bloated claims of service in rural Texas. The new price reductions for service make AIO even more attractive. I hooked up a friend of mine’s MotoG on AIO in recent days and it works great also. BTW, the MotoG is a tremendous value for what you get. Battery life is excellent too.

  5. Waiting to see what happens when the mergers are done. I hope they still have the $35 after auto pay deal.

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