Feb 7th, 2014


Aio Wireless is looking to nab a few new customers on Valentine’s Day. Come February 14th, customers will have access to the Motorola Moto G at a discounted $150. It’s not as extreme a discount as the G on Verizon Wireless prepaid or US Cellular, but at least it’s something.

In addition to adding new devices to their lineup — the ZTE Sonata 4G is available today for $80 — Aio is also offering customers the opportunity to pick up lower rates on service plans. Customers willing to sign up with auto pay will see a $5 discount off their monthly service. Here’s exactly what Aio Wireless is offering as far as rates go:

  • Basic Plan: $35 (after auto pay credit) unlimited voice/text and 500MB of data
  • Smart Plan: $45 (after auto pay credit) unlimited voice/text and 2.5 GB of data
  • Pro Plan: $55 (after auto pay credit) unlimited voice/text and 5 GB of data

While Aio’s service plans may sound perfect on the surface, we should note that customers receive capped data speeds of up to 8Mbps for 4G LTE, and 4Mbps of 3G/4G HSPA+. That’s not horrible, but something you should consider before jumping in head first.

[Press Release | Aio Wireless]

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