Boost Mobile offering $35 a month unlimited plan with the purchase of their 4G LTE devices


Boost Mobile 35 dollar promotion

Android fans on a budget who are looking for cheap cellphone service might want to check out Boost Mobile again. For a limited time, the MVNO is offering $35 monthly service for 6 months, when any one of their 4G LTE devices are purchased (a $120 value). What will $35 a month get you? Unlimited talk, text, and 2.5GB of “high-speed” data on Sprint’s 4G LTE network.

We should note, Boost mentions video streaming is throttled down to 3G, which honestly isn’t much on Sprint’s network. Also, once the 6 months are up, you’ll have to pay $50 a month, with a $5 reduction arriving every 6 months (all the way down to $40 a month).

The good news? Boost Mobile offers a pretty fair selection of 4G LTE Androids like the Samsung Galaxy S3, ZTE Boost Max, LG Optimus F7, or if you’re really nuts… you can even get an iPhone (although we don’t recommend it). You have until March 31st to take advantage of this deal, in the meantime you might want to compare with other cheap, prepaid offerings from T-Mobile, Straight Talk, or Aio Wireless.

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  1. too many conditions on this bueno.

  2. The video streaming may be capped but it’s still on the LTE network so it actually does work. When watching Netflix for example it doesn’t kick me off 4G LTE. My old phone which was 3G only Netflix was unusable.

  3. No, thanks.
    Simple mobile – $40- all unlimited. And you can use normal GSM phone like nexuses or moto g/x

  4. Cricket is offering 5 lines for 100/month unlimited talk, text and with 1 gig, 10/gig of you want more.

  5. “What will $35 a month get you? Unlimited talk, text, and 2.5GB of “high-speed” 1.5 Mbps data on Sprint’s 4G LTE network.”

    There it goes. Fixed. Sprints network is garbage. I was getting 50-200 Kbps on EVDO and 1-2 Mbps on their VERY spotty LTE here in Seattle. I’m glad I left them behind and moved to AT&T…

    1. YAAAAS! I’ll be making that move soon!

  6. Metro PCS has a $40 4G LTE unlimited plan in my area.

  7. What do you need LTE for – if not video? Why don’t they let you bring your own device like 35orless? Isn’t the service where all the $ are made?

  8. Sprint has been having a tough time selling its products lately

  9. This promotion would be a lot better if it were permanent instead only lasting 6 months. I used to be with boostmobile but that was before they started ignoring my emails and calls concerning my shrinkage plan on my account the shrinkage plan was not deducting like it was supposed to now I am with Cricket which has it set of faults.

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