Leaked HTC M8 screenshot shows rumored on-screen buttons


@Evleaks is at it again, this time providing us with our first real look at the upcoming HTC M8’s homescreen. Also known as the HTC One Plus or HTC One 2, I supposed we wont really know if this is legit until launch day, in which HTC has yet to reveal any plans to unveil this undoubtedly beastly device. Our hype meter is going through the roof.

HTC M8 One Plus 2 homescreen

Chris Chavez
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  1. Not sure I could ditch the Nexus brand, but it’s getting harder and harder to not recommend HTC to my friends who are in the market for an Android phone. I really hope this phone is a success, need to keep pressure on Samsung and Lenovolora to keep cranking out world class devices.

    1. lol “lenovolora”

    2. If they keep pumping out phones like the ONE, HTC will be the phone hard to beat going forward. 2014 looks promising.

  2. Ok, not bad, it look nice

  3. seems like everybody creeping into the metro ui a lá wp8 and loving the set up and style but when they see a wp8 they bash it to no ends.ive owned wp7 and 8 and was probably the smoothest and quickest os of all jus the app support wasnt there.

    1. I love windows, just not on a smartphone.

    2. Uh, that’s BlinkFeed not the entire UI. So far Samsung’s new Touchwiz is the only thing going that route.

      1. uh, duh…but still the function of blinkfeed is what wp8 stands for everything at ur fingertips instantly and ur correct touchwiz is headed that direction which I wont knock since I own a note 2, s3 and htc one and touchwiz sucks so I hope they bite the metro style hard but they probably wont update my existing phone to it.im not trying to sound bias ive own all os even the new blackberry which was another metro copycat with a twist but gave that up.

        1. You are just a fanboy, BlinkFeed is only news and social media, metro UI is app widgets and news widgets on your home screen that your can resize.

      2. But from videos I’ve seen of the Galaxy Note Pro tablets there’s a regular home screen too, so isn’t it just like having Blinkfeed?

  4. im a fanboy? I havent owned a wp8 fone in over a yr I choose android I was jus saying blinkfeed was the same concept of windows.the info u set goes straight up instead of digging into apps to check things out. im not trying to make enemies I was just pointing out my experience with all the os ive owned since us techies cant seem to be content with just one devices. like I said I have no preferences every phone has its perks and quirks. hell even iphones serves its purpose. (please dont crucify me for that comment) lol. what I am a fanboy of is the benefitd of all the players in the game.so apple doesnt monopolize, so android dont head into apples directions (even tho samsung already started) and so wp8.9.10 keeps android and apple on thier toes so we can benefit from thier innovations.(apple barely) can we at least agree to that?

  5. No Hangouts or Chrome as the default apps? Ugh. This is why we can’t have nice things.

    1. Eww, Chrome. :(

    2. Can’t really blame them for not using Hangouts as the default messaging app, the SMS integration just isn’t good enough yet. Maybe next year.

      Chrome is more disappointing but I guess it’s possible that HTC have switched to using a forked version of Chromium, so could basically be the same with a few added Sense features.

      1. agreed, i disabled that option on my hangouts as well. The implementation of SMS integration offers absolutely nothing over just having 2 standalone apps. If anything it just makes it easier for you to accidentally message someone on their computer when you wanted to text them.

  6. If the bootloader isn’t locked then I’ll buy one. If it is then I’ll wait for a play edition I guess.

  7. Was really hoping they would’ve kept the HTC One ‘<' back button

    1. Me too. It definitely looks better than the curved back button. Hopefully we’ll be able to change that in settings or once ROMs come out!

  8. Those ugly, disgusting virtual buttons ruin the interface.

    1. you’re too emotional… oh, and “virtual buttons” are both smarter – and the future.

      1. Nothing smarter about them and it depends on the manufacturer.

    2. The virtual buttons are the best part of the interface, in my opinion.

    3. WTF!? Those look nice to me, actually.

  9. Give it a large battery and I’ll consider getting one. That’s the only thing that kept me away from the original.

    1. Why? Any larger and the phone would never die. LoL!!

  10. Can’t wait to root

  11. They should keep this “<" as the home button. Basically, the same as the One X. Why do HTC like confusing customers.


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