Feb 6th, 2014


Amazon has announced the purchase of a very high profile studio that was recently responsible for one of Xbox One’s exclusive launch titles — Killer Instinct. The studio is Double Helix, and Amazon has confirmed that they’ve added the company to their portfolio to continue to deliver innovative gaming experiences to their customers in the years to come.

Amazon has done light work in the gaming realm thus far, but nothing far past a few mobile titles for Kindle Fire owners. The addition of Double Helix adds some serious girth, though, and the company is looking to get even better with a recruiting event going down February 13th. So what is it all leading up to?

We can’t be too sure, but recent rumors of an alleged Android-based gaming console made by Amazon are starting to make more sense. Said rumors have persisted since mid-2013, though there’s no indication as to when Amazon would look to introduce it. For what it’s worth, we’ve been hearing rumors about an Amazon phone for years and have yet to see anything take form.

But this move seems to be solid indication that Amazon is looking to take a serious stab at gaming in some way, shape or form. We just hope it doesn’t take an eternity to see what exactly they’ve supposedly been working on.

[via TechCrunch]

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