Google Glass Titanium Collection prices for shades and frames go live


Google said we’d know more about how Glass Explorers can get their hands on Titanium Collection frames and shades later this afternoon, and the first bit of information is already up. For starters, we have our first bit of information (that is perhaps more important than anything else): price. You’ll be able to get each frame for about $225 before taxes.


As for the sporty clip-on attachment shades, you’ll be able to scoop those up for $150 a piece. Interestingly enough, all of the shades currently show as out-of-stock on Google’s Glass Explorers website, though we can’t be too sure if that’s due to Google readying the rest of the site for public consumption. In either case, we’ll be keeping a close eye on all of it in the moments to come.

In case you’re wondering about getting these outfitted with appropriate lenses, here’s a quick blurb from Google’s FAQ:

If an Explorer has an eyeglass lens prescription issued in the last 12 months, they can take their new Glass frames, Glass itself, and their lens prescription to one of our preferred ECPs to have the frame outfitted with prescription lenses.  Your Glass unit does not need to be left with the ECP, while the frame does.  The ECP then contacts the Explorer when the new frames are ready and the Explorer returns to the ECP for a final fitting.  The Explorer needs to bring along the Glass device as the frames cannot be fitted without it.


Google has also added a list of preferred optometrists whose cutters have been specially trained for the Google Glass Titanium collection. The list is rather small at the moment, with only a fraction of the country having specially trained cutters, but Google says most eye care places should be able to custom fit lenses for your Google Glass frames (so long as you bring them the frames and tools they may need).

And for those of you who will be switching frames out on their own, you’ll find some key instructions over at the Google Glass help site. The screwdrivers and any other tools you’ll need will come with your shipment of replacement frames, so take care not to lose them in case you need them down the line.

We’re still thumbing our way through the new drags added to the Glass Explorers site, so stay tuned for any more information we might be able to come across (such as information about finding lens providers for your new frames). We’ll be updating this post with all the latest.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. WHAT! Vaseline with them too?

  2. Thought the framed shades would be much more expensive than the “Active” that already come in the box (but I guess the Active shades are just overpriced.

    Think I might pick up a pair of those Classic shades. They actually look pretty darn nice when paired with Glass. Might lose my virginity yet…

    1. $225 is a pretty low price for frames but if you’ve never had to shop for frames, I can see where that would be a shocker.
      Source: prescription glasses wearer.

  3. A bit pricey, but should have expected it.

    “We’re still thumbing our way through the new drags added to the Glass Explorers site”
    Also, the new what?

    1. The new pages, links, sections etc.

  4. for all you ingressers, susanna moyers is number 5.

  5. $225 for titanium frames is actually pretty competitive, glasses are shockingly expensive, especially considering some of them like the bold are much thicker than most metal/titanium frames usually are (more $pricey titanium).

  6. I am confused. I thought the google glass was $1500. If the prescription one is 225 then it’s a steal. or do we have to 1500 + 225?

    1. It’s an additional price. So yes, $1,500 + $225.

      1. UGH…Chris why must you CRUSH HOPES AND DREAMS like that…LAWD!!!! :)

  7. Does it always have to be the right eye?

    1. Current iteration, yes. Can’t help but wonder if future versions will be more ambidextrous.

  8. so people are actually buying this stuff?


  9. It would be nice to use Google Glass with photochromatic lenses aka Transition Lenses….

    1. Couldn’t you? You buy the frames and then get the lenses for them.

  10. I think I’d need to try these in a brick and mortar store before purchasing as I’m very picky. Or else offer them on Amazon to get free shipping and being able to return if I don’t like them.

    1. They have a 30-day return policy through Google themselves. That should suffice, no?

      1. Free shipping included?

        1. Not sure. I kept mine, but it’s all explained before you even purchase them.

  11. Why don’t you provide one that can be clipped to one’s own prescription glasses?

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