Jan 27th, 2014

Simpsons Oogle Goggles 2

On Saturday, FOX began advertising a new Simpsons episode titled “Specs and the City.” The episode — which openly pokes fun at Google’s latest wearable tech — begins after Mr. Burns decides to outfit his entire team with “Oogle Goggles,” not out of benevolence mind you, but to better keep tabs on his employees (wonder what they could be implying?).

Simpsons Specs and the City

It doesn’t take long for Homer to become what can only be described as a Glasshole. After going too far by taking Glass into the bedroom (sound familiar?), he’s forced to give up his Google Glass in a game of spin the Goggles. Marge — who was initially apprehensive about Oogle Goggles from the start — becomes the new recipient and soon realizes the finds the augment becoming helpful in her day-to-day life.

The Simpsons Oogle Goggles FAIL

Not only is this episode an interesting take on how Hollywood views the new tech (it’s nerd-chic), but we can see how exposure like this has already begun shaping the views and opinions of the mainstream over the new technology. The episode ends with Marge finally taking Oogle Goggles into the bedroom and giving Mr. Burns an eyeful of a bottomless Homer. Ha.

If you guys wanna check it out for yourself, the the episode in all its entirety can be viewed on Hulu via the link below (Hulu Plus required for now).

Watch on Hulu: The Simpsons: Specs and the City

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