Samsung confirms KitKat update for Galaxy Note 3 broke some 3rd party accessories, says new update incoming


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 view covers colors

It all started back in October with a rumor suggesting that Samsung could soon limit 3rd party accessory support with their line of Galaxy devices. Fast forward to last week when, after the KitKat update began hitting some Samsung Galaxy Note 3s, users began experiencing issues with 3rd party S-View style cases for their phablet. This, of course, this didn’t sit well with anyone, sparking an outcry amongst Note 3 users who assumed foul play.

Today, Samsung is formally addressing “software compatibility issues” caused with KitKat and 3rd party accessories. Samsung told Ars Technica today in a statement that the problem has been successfully been “identified” and they’re working on a new update to patch everything right up. Samsung reminds customers that they’re committed to squashing any issues that might come from using either OEM or 3rd party accessories with their devices. Alls well that ends well? Let’s wait for the update first.

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  1. Samsung’s been stepping on too many toes. They need to wake up to a horse’s in their bed… or from the North, Kim Jung Un’s head… or Dennis Rodman’s head (that’d be the most terrifying)

  2. BS. They probably saw the response and coverage so then decided to back track.

    1. Yep, I agree. Samsung was looking for just a little more dough, by preventing all the cheapie nock-off cases, etc…. And when they realized that people would stop buying their products because they’re too restrictive… I think they reversed their stance and are eventually going to send out an update to “un-block” all those 3rd party devices. :-P

  3. Yeah right… Samsung thought they could get away with it…

  4. “kitkat broke”…. Great cover up Samsung, we all know that your custom software made this change, not Google… Furthermore Samsung devices would probably be more stable without all the Samsung crapware.

    1. My Galaxy S3 is more stable running Cyanogenmod 11.2.

  5. I’m Verizon so I assume we’ll see KitKat before the end of the year…hopefully.

    1. If you buy a new phone maybe.

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