Jan 27th, 2014


A report from Nikkei in Japan suggests that Nintendo could finally cave and begin offering some form of digital content on mobile devices later this year. According to sources, content would come in the form of free mini-games, videos, and other content (like back stories) featuring Nintendo’s iconic franchises and upcoming releases.

As Nintendo fans well know, the Japanese game maker has typically shunned new tech like smartphones and tablets, seeing them as competition to their gaming handheld business, rather than an asset or tool. In an interview, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata realizes his folly, mentioning that the company is currently exploring different ways in which Nintendo can leverage smart devices to their advantage.

As far as timing on when we can expect Nintendo content to land in the Play Store, Nikkei — who has a great track record with this kinda stuff — says it’s scheduled arrive as early as this year. We’ll be watching out.

via Kotaku | Image credit