Jan 22nd, 2014

Deus Ex The Fall featured

When Square Enix first announced they’d be bringing Deus Ex: The Fall to mobile devices — iOS first, then Android later — we didn’t think it’d take this long before it hit the Play Store. To be fair, they never were specific on timing, but after launching on iOS nearly 7 months ago, the much anticipated Deus Ex: The Fall is now finally ready for your Android devices. Well, once it officially lands on the Play Store later today. [UPDATE: It’s live]


A continuation of the story from Deus Ex: The Icarus Effect, DE: TF combines stealth gameplay with a story driven action RPG. That means you’ll spend a good portion of your time ducking behind cover, sniping enemies in the head, lobbing grenades, and upgrading your character with various augments.

No word on gamepad support, but we’re hoping with vast amount of options out there, something will be supported. We’ve included the launch trailer below, as well as the Play Store link. You can pick up Deus Ex: The Fall on Google Play for $7.

Download on Google Play: Deus Ex: The Fall

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