AT&T 4G LTE spreads to over a dozen new markets



AT&T has announced another quick rollout of 4G LTE to new markets. We’ve got over a dozen new markets being lit up with service, so don’t take too much time perusing this list to see if your city made the cut:

  • El Centro and Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario, Calif.
  • Jasper, Ind.
  • Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  • Danville, Richmond and Somerset, Ky.
  • Cadillac and Niles-Benton Harbor, Mich.
  • Tunica, Miss.; East Liverpool, Ohio
  • Erie and New Castle. Pa.
  • Aguadilla-Isabela-San Sebastian, Fajardo and Ponce, Puerto Rico
  • Barre and Burlington, Vt.
  • Wheeling, W.Va.
  • La Crosse, Wis.

It wasn’t long ago that AT&T caught up to Verizon and surpassed 500 market launches, and their network is just as fast and reliable as anyone else’s. That’s impressive work, though we shouldn’t be surprised considering over $100 billion worth of work went into this thing since 2007. Be sure to fire up your 4G LTE device and test the new network out if you haven’t already.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. i would switch to straight talk and take advantage of this awesome ATT network for a mere $45 a month but 2.5GB of high speed data just isnt enough for me.

    1. Ima make 2.5gb for $45 work for me. I would save $100 a month.

      1. It works fine for me, I’ve been using it for almost a year and I’ve never went over 2.5GB. With LTE being supported, I’ve used a lot more than I used to but still only using about 2GB per month on data, I spend a lot of my time connected to WiFi :)

      2. I have the 5gb tether plan with ATT and I only pay $95 a month. Company gives me $50 for my plan since I use it for work so it only costs me $45.

        Best switch I ever made was getting on ATT. Makes you realize how bad TMO and Sprint are. I wish I didn’t hate ATT for as long as I did.

    2. check out aio wireless

    3. Yeah it’s a good deal, I’ve been using straight talk for over a year now and even better now there is LTE on straight talk.

  2. I’m all about 3G instead of LTE. Better battery life and less congestion. Now that everyone has moved to LTE, I get average 10 Mbps on AT&T 3G.

    Side note: I called AT&T and said I was thinking about switching to ST since they use their towers. I received a $20 credit for 6 months for texting.

  3. Just waiting for att to get the deal with cricket done to enjoy 4G goodness.

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