Jan 16th, 2014

When Google first announced the Google Glass Project, it was easy to imagine a future where the wearable would eventually become so small, they’d be able to cram the technology into a contact lens. While that technology is still a ways off, Google did surprise us today when they announced an all new project they’ve been working on: “smart contact lenses” — only the aim is different than you probably think.

Google Smart Contact Lens Project

More for measuring the glucose levels in diabetes patients, the smart lenses are able to monitor patients and notify them immediately when levels drop to dangerous levels. This is done by measuring the glucose found in the subjects tears, giving relief to diabetic tired of pricking their fingers multiple times a day.

Current prototypes are able to generate glucose readings once per second, making monitoring far more frequent, and a lot less painful. Progress is still early, but Google hopes to outfit the contact lenses with tiny LEDs to serve as a warning to the wearer when glucose has exceeded, or fallen below thresholds. Google is already in talks with the FDA, and is currently looking for partners to bring this new technology to market.

We can’t help but wonder as this technology matures, the other areas it could possibly expand to in the future. Google, color us impressed.