Jawbone updates ERA Bluetooth headset for 2014 with improved hardware and companion app


Jawbone Era family-shot.2

All new for 2014, Jawbone is announcing a revamp of their popular ERA Bluetooth headset. Doing probably what Jawbone does best, they’ve managed to make the ERA smaller, more comfortable, and crammed inside better audio and microphone technology. Using what Jawbone calls “Noise Assassin” noise-cancellation technology, callers on the other line should hear you clearer than ever before, even in noisy environments. Audio quality of the headset itself has also been improved, letting the users listen to music or podcasts in stunning clarity (and only one ear, of course).


Jawbone has also released a companion app for the ERA, allowing users to program commands to use with with Google Search/Now (or Siri). It even features a built in locator, should you ever misplace your headset. Pretty handy.

The ERA is available in 4 colors for $100 at the usual electronics retailers, or for $130 for the special charging case bundle that is said to “double” the headsets 4 hours of talk time using a built-in battery.


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. You need to find a pic with an Android phone.
    No bueno Chris.

    1. He took the pic straight from Jawbone’s site. They don’t have an Android pic.

    2. Hey, blame Jawbone. :P

  2. $100, why? You can get an A2DP mono headset from Sony for $29. And the sound in MBH10 is pretty good. And it has all today’s features – NFC pairing (you don’t need to turn it on, just tap it with your phone), simultaneous support of 2 sources, etc. Basically, with Jawbone you pay $70 for a companion app.

    1. For 30 bucks, you usually end up with garbage. I’ve had 3 different jawbone headsets and they get better with each version. Not only that, I’ve had to exchange a couple, one was even 3 months out of warranty and they sent me another NO CHARGE just to get the broken one back to find out what went wrong. Yeah, they are expensive, but, if you are like me, and have one of these crazy things jammed in your ear 8-10 hours a day, it’s money well spent.

      1. I guess my usage is different. I probably top at 4-5 hours a day, mostly listening to podcasts and online radio (talk shows). Almost all my calls are initiated by myself, so I have no reason to wear a BT when I’m not using it.

      2. I love my jawbones as well, had every single model and they all work wonderfully. I will be getting this as well.

  3. A pic with an iPhone? iPhones suck. So limited and out of date.

  4. Got an Era. Like it. The software bundle? After going through freaking hoops to get it installed on my phone (I use linux, not winblows) I used it for a grand total of two days and uninstalled the app. The phone manages the damn thing just fine. Unless I want different voices to tell me how much battery life is left. bleh.

    Oh, and you can get jawbone gear on amazon/ebay/etc., for a lot cheaper than the MSRP if you search a bit.

  5. This is iphone . not Android phone

    1. No sh*t… they took the picture from Jawbone’s site. There’s no picture of the Android app there.

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