Hands-on: PlayStation Now will let you stream games to your Android device [VIDEO]


Sony had a lot of great smartphones to announce under their Xperia brand at CES, but they also had some goods for those who are on the PlayStation train. It’s PlayStation Now, a new streaming games service that will let you play a selection of great PS1, PS2, PS3 or even PS4 titles using the power of recently-acquired Gaikai.

It was obvious that PlayStation Now would come to all of Sony’s platforms, including Bravia TVs, the PlayStation Vita, and the PS4, but we were a bit surprised to learn that Sony would also be bringing functionality to popular mobile platforms like Android and iOS. All of this will be delivered via a monthly fee (different tiers for different levels of access) or by users buying access to games individually.

While Sony didn’t have a working demo of PlayStation Now on Android, we did get a look at it in action on their Bravia TV and the PlayStation Vita. The former showed a relatively smooth experience. It was impressive considering CES usually doesn’t have the best network conditions. Chris Chavez noticed a bit of artifacting during gameplay, though it wasn’t too bad all things considered.

Edgar’s time on the PlayStation Vita proved even more impressive, with the powerful handheld delivering crisp, smooth and clean Joel Banderas goodness on the go. There’s only one thing we have to say (or do) to all of this…


Watch the hands-on video above.

[via PS4Daily]

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  1. I’m glad to see that Sony is taking initiative when it comes to stuff like this. It really pushes them ahead of the competition imo

    1. I have an Xbox One and this is the only feature I’d love to see Microsoft incorporate on the X1. It’ll feel more ‘next-gen’ and with 300,000 servers in the azure cloud, I don’t see why they can’t do a streaming game service like this.

  2. yeahh…ima pay a monthly fee to barely be able to play a game from a console to a cell phone…stop it

    1. I’m sure the subscription would allow you to play on more than just one device.

  3. This is really good news for mainly ps4/Vita users (such as myself) it’s the only way to play ps3 titles you own on the ps4. I wouldn’t even attempt to play on anything else except said devices previously mentioned.

    1. except you’ll have to buy the titles again according to sony

  4. being able to play the latest console games on your phone would be something that would make the spec wars worth while.

    1. It won’t necessarily be the latest. Their plan right now is to have PS3 legacy titles followed by eventual PS2 and PS1 support.

      1. in due time..

    2. Just imagine being able to plug an Oculus Rift into your phone and playing anywhere

  5. Lovely. Just lovely. =.]

  6. Sign me up. I’ll buy a Sony TV as well as a gaming remote for my phone to take advantage of this. Plus I won’t have to buy a system I won’t use 24/7.

  7. That GIF…

    I’ve been wondering for a while: who copied who?

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