Jan 13th, 2014

Nokia’s Android phone — codenamed the Nokia Normandy — gets more real each and every time we hear about it. While we haven’t seen much outside of leaked renders up to this point, it looks like we may have gotten our first real look at this thing in the flesh.

nokia normandy prototype

A prototype of the Android-based devices has leaked online, giving us a look at the low-cost option Nokia seems to still seems to be working on. The pictures don’t show much, with the device being covered up in a rather ugly-looking case (likely to protect its identity). We do see Nokia’s familiar logo plastered on the display, as well as the distinctive back button that we’ve seen on all the renders.

We still don’t know a ton about the device, but some leaked screenshots of its user interface came out a while back, giving us a glimpse of what Nokia’s user interface would look like should it ever launch. What we’ve seen is a cross between Android and Windows Phone. We’re not too sure how we feel about that yet, though it’s not too surprising either way.

We reckon Nokia won’t want to boast its Android-based roots too much if it ever does launch, what with their soon-to-be parent company Microsoft looking over their shoulders. Whether this device will launch is still up in the air.

While many assumed this device wouldn’t see the light of day, earlier rumors suggest it’s too early to rule this guy out. Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia has yet to close, so perhaps the Finnish company is keeping this phone in their back pocket as a backup plan for the near future.

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