Nokia Normandy not dead after all?


When we first heard of the Nokia Normandy, a low-cost Android phone by a company who swore never to make an Android phone., we thought it was dead on arrival. Why, you ask? Because it ran Android. And because Nokia is now owned by Microsoft.

nokia normandy


We imagined it’d be a cold day in hell before we ever saw Nokia use Android for one of their handsets again, which had everyone writing the Normandy off as a dead skeleton in a pretty cold closet.

But @evleaks is giving folks reason to believe that the device shouldn’t be written off. The Twitter leakster took a break from his typical image-posting affairs to make a word-ridden statement:

The reports of Normandy’s death have been greatly exaggerated.

In typical @evleaks fashion, that line has us just as clueless as we were before. That doesn’t necessarily tell us that the device is, in fact, launching at some point soon, but it does seem to suggest that we haven’t heard the last of it.

It would explain why we’ve seen more and more leaked renders of the Nokia Normandy in recent weeks despite Nokia being full-steam ahead in its quest to come up with crazy Windows phones and tablets. That said, folks should know that plans can always change in the blink of an eye, so if this “great exaggeration” is true, it doesn’t say anything about the future of the Normandy.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. nokia doesnt need android , also nokia just defeated htc B)

    1. Er, lets just see what mobile OS has the market share… and lets see what the market share of the mobile OS Nokia currently uses is…

      1. nokia is leading with iOS second and android third :)

        1. You must be high or stupid. Maybe both. WOW!

          1. yes i went to high school and my teacher was stupid :)

          2. “nokia uses iOS and its 78 % of the market”

            If your teacher told you that nokia phones run iOS then he really was stupid

          3. So, Windows is iOS?
            *slaps knee* I did not know that!

          4. Your quote is incorrect. His statement is also incorrect. Android and iOS are the top two mobile operating systems. Nokia currently has the highest pixel for a camera on a smartphone. (not including the funky Samsung Android based cameras with removable lenses)

        2. here he is to spread the truth!!!

        3. What in rubbish?

        4. I think he’s talking least popular. And yes, Android would be last at that.

      2. Don’t feed the troll.

      3. nokia uses iOS and its 78 % of the market

        1. Nokia currently only uses the Microsoft Windows Phone OS on all new mobile phones. Apple does not allow any 3rd party companies to make iOS mobile phones and tablets (Samsung does make the processor and display for several Apple iOS devices)

          1. -.-

    2. It’s just a sad wrestling match to you, isn’t it?

  2. Nokiwho?

  3. Just saw this on another site with screenshots of android…Android is an alright OS(in my opinion) but it definitely does not look good at all on Nokia’s hardware. I certainly hope this is not true as this really is just a waste of time/money, with pushing towards the Microsoft deal.

    1. You sound so well informed.

      1. Considering this is all rumor, i am fairly well-informed as nobody really knows much and the above post is an OPINION.

  4. The Windows tile interface running on top of Android 4.4 would be my ideal phone.

    1. The tiles are rubbish compared to widgets.

      1. You forgot three letters: IMO

        1. In *your* opinion he forgot three letters… ;-)

    2. haves you checked to see if anyone has made a launcher that gives you a Windows Phone like GUI? I know there are some out there to make it seem like iOS. Even a custom Rom: MiUi

    3. seriously ….wtf you mean like this w w w.chinasolomobi.com/productview-4863-key-3.5inch-Mini-920-MTK6515-1GHz-Android-2.3-Win8-UI-Dual-sim-2MP-Smart-phone.html

  5. Kind of worried about this device’s interface seeing as it only has a back button

  6. Wouldn’t it be nice if Nokia still went ahead with the release and it out sold the Win versions, what a knee slapper that would be.

  7. I think this Android version will be a one off and not the Google version of Android. That would be ideal for it then. May make for a complicated app store but would not be hard to port from one Android base to the other.

    1. the beauty is if a device like this was released guaranteed within a matter of weeks cyanogen or other mods would be ported to it once root had been achieved and you could get rid of whatever polluted Frankenstein version of android Nokia would put on it and replace it with a proper version.

  8. theory: nokia has been running an android-based plan b & normandy is a test device?

  9. Does it come with Snake?

  10. Would A Nokia phone running Android OS be awesome? Yes. Does Nokia suffer from the Microsoft Purchase? No. Not at all. They have their vision of a “Smart Phone” as well as Apple and Google. It’s nice to see in the future there will be a lot of players to offer more products. We as consumers profit every time.

  11. IIRC, Microsoft acquired Nokia’s phone division, not all of Nokia. Nokia are also permitted to continue selling phones, just not under the Nokia name for a short period; this expires in a couple of years. What are the chances Nokia wants to rebuild a phone company using Android?

  12. If Microsoft is already making billions on scamming and scaring people on copyright issues dealing with Android, why would they not make a little more stable money with an Android phone ??

  13. Google should just buy Nokia. Nuff said!

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