Jan 13th, 2014


It looks like HTC is finally putting the big nail in the small coffin for the HTC One X and HTC One X+. The Taiwanese company today confirmed that the devices would no longer be receiving upgrades beyond Android 4.2.2 and HTC Sense 5.

While this doesn’t mean we might not ever get another upgrade (a big yet-to-be-discovered security hole might force them to send out a critical fix, for example), it does mean you should no longer expect new features or major additions to the phone from this point forward. This news may be saddening for some, but the devices have been out since 2012, and HTC has bigger and badder fish to fry this late into their life cycles.

To their credit, these devices have come a long way and we’re impressed it was able to get onto 4.2.2 at all. The community likely won’t let these phones die either, so if you aren’t too afraid of getting down and dirty and rooting them, you should be able to stay fairly current.

That said, those of you owning these devices are likely due for an upgrade soon anyway, so why not think of going with HTC’s latest options? The HTC One is still quite nice, and we hear a sequel to that bad mamma jamma should be on its way next month.

[via HTC UK]

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