Jan 13th, 2014 publishUpdated   Mar 18th, 2014, 1:59 pm

“OK Glass, keep me awake” is the phrase you’d use in the app we’re about to talk about. It’s called DriveSafe, a Google Glass app that acts as a road companion while you’re driving. The app’s primary purpose is to help you keep your eyes open behind the wheel while you search for a place to stop and rest. The app uses Google Glass’s various sensors to detect when you might be falling asleep, and will buzz you using the bone conduction speaker (or mono earbud) to keep you going.


Beyond that particular alert, you’ll also get functions for finding nearby rest stops in case you can’t handle being awake and need to take a roadside nap. We would never condone getting behind the wheel without proper rest, but if you find yourself in that situation then you’ll be glad to have something like DriveSafe available to you.

DriveSafe reminds folks that your safety is your own responsibility, and that you should take proper care behind the wheel. This handy little disclaimer at their website absolves them of any future accident that might occur:

 DriveSafe is alpha software – it is not guaranteed to stop you from falling asleep while driving and should not be relied on to do so. DriveSafe is not liable for any accidents or injuries that may occur while using DriveSafe. Be sure to be well rested and comfortable before driving,  and keep your eyes on the road (DriveSafe can be used simply with your voice).

They shouldn’t have to say that, but there it is anyway. I guess it’s not a terribly bad idea to have Google Glass on when you’re driving, eh highway patrolmen? Always practice safe driving folks, and try to put yourself in a position where you won’t need a handy little companion like this. We’ll be contacting the folks at DriveSafe to see how they use Google Glass’s sensors to detect whether or not you’re falling asleep. In the meantime, download it to your Google Glass unit if you’re interested.