Android 4.4.2 KitKat rolling out to the Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005 — here’s what’s new


Heads up, Note 3 owners — Samsung’s not taking their sweet time in getting you stepped up to Android 4.4 KitKat. The company has started rolling the big upgrade out to owners of the handset in Poland, which means others with international, unbranded and unlocked versions of the handset in other regions shouldn’t be too far behind.

android kitkat galaxy note 3

Earlier leaks had us believing Samsung might be looking to bring us a new user interface with the launch of KitKat, though it doesn’t appear that is the case just yet. We do still get a lengthy list of changes and improvements, however. Here’s a short list of what to expect:

  • Music album art shows on the lock-screen while music is playing
  • A camera shortcut is now displayed on the lock-screen
  • New emojis support
  • Select between the stock messaging app or Hangouts for SMS and MMS
  • Select between TouchWiz or other launchers through settings
  • Wireless printing
  • Updated Google apps
  • Updated Galaxy Gear Manager brings improved connectivity and better email options

All of that comes alongside everything else Android 4.4 KitKat brings, such as experimental use of the new Android Runtime, and the likely the built-in transparency framework in place of Samsung’s own custom solution.

The version number being sent out to users in Poland is N9005XXUENA6, so be sure to check for it if you haven’t already. As for everyone else, you’ll want to be patient and hit up Samsung’s support in your region of choice to see if they’ll be willing to give you an ETA for your specific rollout. Those on carrier-branded versions will obviously have to wait until the upgrade is approved, which could take a bit of time due to testing and custom applications.

[via SamMobile]

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  1. Cmon tmobile dont let me down !!

  2. I just want a way to OTA update even when rooted. I don’t want to unroot, update, root again

    1. I really wish rooting wasn’t a necessity. There are just too many backup, customization, and security applications that require root or run better with it. It’s not like I’m trying to abuse anything with overclocking or tethering

      1. Well, it’s really done to protect the vast majority of the users out there who don’t power use their phones like us. For those people, they just want a stable phone to use without problems. If android were that insecure, any app could access memory locations and do all sorts of nasties from spamming ads to stealing banking info. It’s a necessary part of android for it to be as successful as it is.

        1. Well you’re sorta right. I’m not saying that I want to have root level access out of the box. What I’m saying is that the OS shouldn’t require root to backup save game files, leverage the additional features of security apps like Cerberus, change DPI settings and etc. There should be an elevated privilege level that apps can earn through google to gain the necessary access. Lots of ways to maintain the level of security desired but grant the functionality.

  3. Why is it always Poland? Usually we in South Africa will get it 3 months after Poland.. Sigh

  4. I really hope an overhaul comes with the S5. They really need to clean up their skin. Mostly what they changed could be done in a ROM or with apps.

  5. Select between the stock messaging app or Hangouts for SMS and MMS ?

    Select between TouchWiz or other launchers through settings ?
    What ?? – this was always possible.

    1. Not through settings

  6. I wonder if the emojis will come built into the Samsung keyboard. Its one feature of the iPhone I wish my Note 2 had.

    1. Emojis are on the samsung keyboard

      1. yeah, extensive set of them too… the same as any emoji plugin for AIType and Go Keyboard and their equivalents…

  7. “Music album art shows on the lock-screen while music is playing” – they are only getting this now?
    “A camera shortcut is now displayed on the lock-screen” – and this too?

    others have had these since atleast ics if not before

    1. These are features attributed to 4.4. This has been available on nearly all android phones, but 4.4 implement it differently.
      -Music album art is now FULL SCREEN
      -Camera shortcut is a small icon on the bottom right of the lockscreen

      1. ahh that’s better, the original post is quite generic, and reads to me as samsung features, not 4.4’s

        1. Yea completely agree ;-)

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