AT&T Beats Music to serve up 24/7 access to 20 million songs to families $14.99 per month


AT&T has announced a new service that they’re hoping their customers will enjoy. Starting January 21st (the graphic below seems to be outdated), AT&T will be the exclusive carrier to offer Beats Music, which they say is the first and only music listening service made by music artists and professionals (likely referring to the cast of artists who represent the brand such as Dr. Dre).

att beats music

AT&T will offer 24/7 on-demand access to over 20 million songs for just $14.99. That one price can apply for up to 5 lines and up to 10 devices, giving your entire family access to their library of music for a very fair price. What’s more is that AT&T will be offering up the first 90 days of service for free for a limited time. Not on a family plan? You can subscribe for yourself for $9.99 month with the first 30 days free.

We’re not yet sure how this service will stack up to the likes of Spotify or Google Play Music all access, but AT&T has revealed that they’ll be offering basic features like offline caching, and that each user will be given access to their own set of playlists and personal preferences. AT&T is also banking on human-curated music from industry professionals and artists, giving you suggestions on new music to discover from the people involved in making that music.

“Our collaboration with Beats Music is solving two major industry challenges. Beats Music is focused on delivering a different music service with personalized curation from real industry experts and AT&T is focused on breaking the affordability barrier that currently exists for families in subscription and downloaded music.  Everyone in the family loves music,” said David Christopher, AT&T Mobility Chief Marketing Officer.

“AT&T developed an innovative offer that lets each member of the family enjoy unlimited downloads of the music they love, as well as access to all that is unique about Beats Music – all at breakthrough value on a premium wireless network.”

The service should be headed to PC and all major platforms — which likely includes Android, iOS and Windows Phone — on the aforementioned January 21st landing date. Head to the source link for full press details.

[via AT&T]

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  1. The more the better!

  2. this = proof that AT&T didn’t HAVE to get rid of unlimited data.

    1. downloads are free from this but u still pay for data to download. not sure what u were trying to say but At&t still gettin their $. this just provides another way for you to go over your limit.

  3. twice as expensive (nearly) as other streaming services – and what again is the benefit over those?

    1. yea the only way this would be worth that price is if you had at least 2 people on a family share plan to share this service.

      1. …and didn’t want to share a username/password on one of the other services.

  4. Not a horrible deal if you have more than 2 people on your plan, but it’s really only a good deal if your on a family plan, otherwise the price is a little high.
    Also depends on the Max Quality of the music, Google play gives me nice HQ music since I’m always on LTE and have unlimited data, so I can just let it suck up as music data as it wants :)

  5. Best deal in the industry. However, if you are always on line Spotify is free. Google Play Music are you listening? The pressure is on.

  6. no thanks. im sticking to all the free options.

  7. Too expensive. Netflix and Hulu Plus are $7.99 / month and they’re TV/movie services. A music subscription service should be significantly cheaper than a TV/movie service.

  8. I get all the music I want via Google search bar……for free!!!!

  9. Just like everything AT&T does. Half baked, and overpriced. Stop wasting my monthly charges on this crap, and be the dumbest but fastest (and cheapest) pipe to the internet. You will have people coming over in droves.

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