Jan 13th, 2014

Feedly took to their blog to detail one of the app’s biggest upgrades yet. There’s a lot to cover here, with a list of 11 changes, enhancements and fixes that should make it an even more desirable news-reading experience. Here’s a quick list:

  1. Speed reading (tap the edge of the screen to jump to the next article) — see the .GIF below
  2. Redesigned user interface experience for Nexus 7
  3. Fixed back button bag that required multiple taps to exit app
  4. Fixed a rendering issue for Android 4.1 users
  5. New Google+ login option
  6. Fixed login expiration bug
  7. Improved image processing speed
  8. Added a new Mark All As Read card
  9. Compatibility with Samsung Galaxy Gear
  10. Removed colors in left pane to make way for custom color options coming soon
  11. Enhanced black / night theme

Feedly didn’t go into detail about a couple of these items. The “Mark All As Read” card will apparently include information about your reading sessions, though the full breadth of information in regards to this feature won’t be given to us until “later this year.”


Another item on that list we didn’t get specific info for was compatibility with the Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch, though it won’t take quite as long to learn what that’s all about. Feedly says we’ll be hearing more about it as soon as next week. With all of that out of the way, the company also took time to detail what they have planned for the next version of Feedly:

  • Tagging
  • Evernote integration (pro)
  • Customizable font and font size
  • Ability to associate a color to each collections
  • Better search
  • Smooth scrolling for the title only view
  • Offline support for home, must reads and saved items
  • Notification support for must reads

All of the changes made up until now were made thanks to Feedly allowing users to get involved with development. By tasking the community with outlining the development roadmap through voting and suggestions, Feedly is able to get a pretty good idea about the features everyone wants and needs.

It’s that sort of community interaction that has made Feedly the top option for most people following Google Reader’s demise. Be sure to find the app in the Google Play Store if you’re eager to get your hands on all the features present in the latest update.

[via Feedly]